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Non-profit organizations thrive on meticulous project management – we’ve got it all covered through our exclusive NGO/NFP/EDU program.

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nTask for Non-Profit Organizations

Let’s make this world a better place to live with nTask. See how nTask can help fulfill your mission.

Funds Management

Allocate funds to your already running project and monitor everything through nTask budget management features. This is to ensure that all your accounting-related needs are handled with pristine care; exactly the way you’d like your incoming donations to have a full impact on on-going campaigns.

Plan Your Tasks Ahead

Create workspaces, tasks and your personal missions through nTask. Make full use of our integrated apps to communicate with your team members, projects managers and on-board staff for seamless non-profit project management.

Collaboration Has Never Been Easy

Comment on work in progress tasks and let your team members take charge of important projects. Everyone remains on the same page, working towards one objective for seamless cooperation.

Setup Your First NGO’s Workspace

Start using nTask to create your smart workspace to manage tasks, projects, and teams in one place.

Create Mutiple Workspaces

nTask equip you to build multiple workspaces to help manage your work using single platform.

Define Tasks

Easily give description to your tasks, make checklist, add team members and much more.

Add Team Members

Add team members to defined task in just one click enabling productive team collaboration.


You can generate custom reports using nTask and email it to any stakeholder in your organization.

Special Discount for Non-Profits, NGOs, and Educational Institutes

Tell us about your organization to see how much discount you qualify for on the Business Annual Plan

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