Just Released!

Automation – Task Reminders

You can now set up multiple reminders for tasks. For example, if you want to send reminder emails to task assignees 3 days before the task is due, you can set it up. Multiple reminders can be set up for a single task and there is no limit on the number of reminders for any task.

What’s Coming?

Coming in 2022
  • Integration with Integrately
  • Community Forum
  • Dashboards (Beta)
  • Document Manager (Beta)
  • Resource Management
  • Optimizations to Gantt Charts
  • Forms (Beta)
Coming in Q1 2023
  • Guest Users
  • User Groups and Advanced Roles
  • Subdomains (yourcompany.ntaskmanager.com)
  • Advanced Automations
  • Notes (Beta)
  • Mobile Apps Facelift and Real-time Collaboration
  • Auto Incremental Task Numbering
  • Task Grouping by Assignee
  • Self-help Whitelabeling
  • Custom Fields Support in Forms
  • Reporting (Beta)
  • Integration with N8N
  • Themes and Dark Mode
  • Timesheets Filters Enhancements
  • Multiboards
  • Gantt Charts 2.0 – Subtasks, Split Tasks, and Linked Tasks
Coming later in 2023
  • Integration with Harvest
  • Public Links for Kanban Boards
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Integration with HubSpot
  • Advanced Integration with Zapier
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