5 Tricks to Increase Performance in Work Life

Increase performance in worklife

It is a fast-moving world these days. You can’t slack off for even a second if you want to be successful. We, as employees, are prone to procrastination – so much so that we don’t realize that it’s damaging our productivity and hindering our ability to increase performance in work life.

Most of us in the organizational paradigm, think about productivity or our performance when it’s that time of the year when there’s going to be a review. That’s a grave mistake. If we want to be successful in our work life, we have to keep ourselves in check and increase our skills daily.

When we can focus on continuously increasing and implementing our skill set related to our work life, we get an amazing boost of confidence that helps us to become the best version of ourselves in our work and daily life.

In this article, we will discuss the top tricks to help you increase your performance at work and make that part of your life more productive.

5 Insane Tricks to Increase Performance in Your Work Life

1. Set Milestones

Achive milestone

It doesn’t matter which field you are working in, you have got to set some milestones for yourself, your company and your team members, depending on the role you are currently holding.

These milestones are an amazing procedure that can help you to achieve professional and personal goals quite easily. And that’s not even that hard because as humans, we have a natural tendency to shoot for the stars and accept the goals that are the hardest to achieve.

One thing you always need to remember is that, when you are trying to set the milestones for yourself, you need to be as bold as possible. But keep in mind that the big projects that you force yourself to undertake can be quite daunting and you always need to be ready for that.

One thing you can do to ease that load off is that you can break off those bigger and larger projects into smaller chunks. These chunks can be worked on quite easily and you won’t have to pull out your hair every time you start working.

When it comes to keeping those energy levels up and keeping that morale level up, you should work on setting success metrics for yourself.

So, when you achieve a goal, your psychological happiness will boost which ultimately makes everything light and breezy in your work and personal life.

2. Be More Organized and Plan Priorities In Advance

Tactical Resource Planning

Nowadays, a person’s work and personal life are a complex jumble of activities all mashed up together to form one single day. We have to try and untangle that jumble if we want to get anything done in our daily life.

One important strategy to implement is that you should break down all of your larger projects into very small tasks and assign a proper due date to it in addition to setting a priority status for each of the tasks.

You need to make sure that when you start working at any point in the day, you should start working on activities that have the highest priority status. Don’t get us wrong, all of the tasks are required to be completed, but the most important ones are to be completed before everything else.

When you are trying to make an efficient to-do list, make sure that all of the activities you set for yourself, are reasonable. This will enable you to set realistic goals and overachieve rather than setting up insane goals and end up achieving nothing.

3. Stay Focussed on Work and Avoid Distractions as much as Possible

Stay focus on work

If we look at the accounts of some of the most productive individuals in the market right now, they have termed distraction as the number one nemesis of productivity.

You always have to keep one thing in mind that work activities should always come first and you should never lose sight of the milestones you set for yourselves before you set out on your journey as a professional.

Nowadays, distractions are everywhere. In many shapes and forms. But always keep in mind all of the milestones and goals you set for yourself when you want to watch a video on YouTube quickly or Log on to Facebook for just a minute that turns into an hour-long scrolling session.

4. Manage Interruptions

Manage disruptions

Have you ever noticed that during your working hours, how many times you are interrupted by someone or something?

Interruptions come in so many different shapes and size nowadays that it has become critical that you learn to control them or manage them otherwise they’ll eat your working hours alive.

And if you think about it, it doesn’t matter if you were interrupted by an airplane crashing or a fly on your table, the interruption’s work is done.

Just remember that every interruption is dangerous and they always make you lose focus, and that’s why you need to manage them to save your work-time.

5. Don’t Multi-Task

No multitasking

All around you in your daily life, you’ll see people who think that they are the masters of multi-tasking and they are legends when it comes to juggling different work tasks and getting all of them done on time with time to spare. Well, they may think that but the reality is far from that.

We are all guilty of this and it needs to stop. Whenever you start your work-day, you need to keep one thing in mind and that is the prioritization of the tasks at hand. You need to make a mind-map that will let you know which task to do first and which one to do later.

This will help you focus on the more important tasks rather than working on all of them simultaneously and getting nothing done at the end of the day.


If you are a part of the project management paradigm and want to make your work life more performance-oriented, then you do need a digital solution or software that will help keep you on track.

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