Top 10 Project Managers to Follow on Twitter in 2022


As a project manager, credible sources of information hold significant value in terms of knowledge acquisition. Aside from all the books and certifications, social media platforms are equally beneficial. One such platform to gain fantastic insights is Twitter. We’ve hunted down some of the top project managers that you need to follow on Twitter.

We’re all well aware of Twitter as a popular medium of gaining and sharing information. As we’re speaking, there are around 335 million active users utilizing the platform for exchanging information according to their interests.

With hundreds and thousands of topics of discussion, twitter is a hub for experts and influencers from around the world to share their popular and unpopular opinion regarding their area of interest. Same holds true for project management. The biggest names from the project management industry are a part of the “Twitterati” list.

Let’s get down to the round-up of the best project managers on Twitter:

1. Bob Sutton: Author’s Choice for the Top Project Managers on Twitter

Bob Sutton is a Professor of Management Sciences at the Stanford University School of Engineering. His notable work includes bestsellers ‘Good Boss Bad Boss’ and ‘Scaling up Excellence’.

Why you need to follow Bob:

Bob Sutton’s feed consists of words of wisdom on project management, backed by academic references (oh yes! double treat for your brain). Based in Stanford, he joined Twitter in 2010 and has been an active member since then.

2. Lindsay Scott

Lindsay Scott is a director of Project Management Recruitment business – Arras People. She joined the Twitter space in 2009 and has managed to get 12k followers since then.

Why you need to follow Lindsay:

Lindsay Scott shares informative content about project management and leadership. If you’ve just entered the market, or are looking to start your career, you should definitely follow her as she regularly updates her feed with latest job vacancies and insightful project management events.

3. Elizabeth Harrin

#3 on our list of the top project managers is Elizabeth Harrin. A project management expert and director of OTOBOS group, Elizabeth is the writer behind ‘A Rebel’s Guide to Project Management’. She began her blogging journey when the realization hit her that there aren’t enough women to write about project management.

Why you need to follow Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Harrin shares great tips and advice regarding project management, leadership, and productivity. She also shares her own experiences and insights on particular project management techniques.

4. Michael A. Kaplan

Founder and CEO of SoftPMO, Michael A. Kaplan shares his personal views on project management and leadership.  With a huge following of 278K, Michael’s content is an interesting mix of project management insights and famous quotes on leadership.

Why you need to follow Michael:

Michael’s feed reflects the rich experience he has of working on numerous large-scale projects. His tweets are full of advice on project management and leadership. A large chunk of his tweets consists of famous sayings depicting multiple perspectives on different project management topics.

5. Seth Godin

The opening line ‘a lifetime of projects’ on Seth’s twitter account is enough to give viewers an idea of his feed. Seth is an author of 18 books and one of the smartest brains out there! You simply cannot get enough of his amusing, yet inspiring content.

Why you need to follow Seth:

Seth’s take on modern technology trends will prompt you to explore more about his content. His witty sense of addressing topics will leave you hooked to his work and will provoke you to look at things from a whole new perspective.

6. Susanne Madsen

Susanne Madsen is a project leadership coach facilitating organizations to develop and improve their project leadership capabilities. With an experience of almost 20 years of managing complex million-dollar projects requiring great expertise, she’s also the co-founder of The Project Leadership Institute, and an author.

Why you need to follow Susanne:

Susanne shares useful resources on project leadership and how to tactfully deal with issues related to project management. Her wisdom is reflected through her meaningful feed which consists of instant notifications of blogs on project management and leadership.

7. Jim Highsmith

With decades of experience in the IT industry, Jim’s key area of consultancy is software development. He is the primary developer of ‘Adaptive Software Development’ and co-author of ‘The Agile Manifesto’, so his feed is a treat for all those people who’re particularly interested in Agile. Jim makes it #7 on our list of the top project managers.

Why you need to follow Jim:

A hub for agile wisdom and advice, Jim’s content game is on point with highly informative tweets featuring agile project management and advice on IT trends. He also shares content on organizational strategies and their implementation.

8. Cornelius Fichtner

It would be an injustice on our part if we don’t add Cornelius Fichtner in our list of top project managers to follow on Twitter. A host of one of the most popular project management podcasts, Cornelius Fichtner is no less than a project management maestro himself.

Why you need to follow Cornelius:

If you’re interested in gaining first-hand experience in project management and enriching yourself with knowledge about the project management world, Cornelius Fichtner’s Twitter account is the right place to go.

9. Peter Taylor

Author of two best-selling books on ‘Productive Laziness’- ‘The Lazy Project Manager’ and ‘The Lazy Winner’, Peter Taylor is a well-recognized expert on project management and productivity. His work revolves around project management from different perspectives

Why you need to follow Peter:

Peter shares interesting work on how to increase your productivity from a project management perspective, and how one can work smarter, not harder, to maintain a healthy work/life experience.

10. Bruce Van Horn

A name that simply cannot be ignored when gathering the list of top project managers to follow in 2019 is Bruce Van Horn. With more than half a million followers, Bruce is a business coach, speaker, and bestselling author. He also runs a popular podcast, ‘Life is a Marathon’ to inspire people in discovering themselves and getting more done.

Why you need to follow Bruce:

If you’re looking for inspiring, motivational content to help you achieve more, Bruce is the guy to go for! His feed consists of leadership advice, videos, and techniques to achieve your goals in an effective way.

Follow these Twitter accounts and your feed will be full of project management expertise and approaches to help you better understand the universe of project management. If you think the list should include someone else, comment below and let us know!

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