4 Awesome Teamwork Examples for Agile Teams


Teamwork and collaboration hold a significant impact on a project, an organization, and the overall customer experience. Statistics have shown that teamwork boosts productivity and increases project success factors exponentially.

The question is how to achieve teamwork? At the end of the day, we are all human beings and embody unique traits in preferences and peeves. Professionals do not come with a manual so how should Agile teams collaborate for maximum efficiency?

What may seem as simple and intuitive can pose as daunting and incomprehensible during tough times.

In this blog, we try to shed light on the importance of team motivation and teamwork examples right off the sports ground. What may seem like a completely different ballgame, if studied closely, just may be able to teach Agile teams a thing or two. Let the games begin!

The Best Teamwork Examples

Example #1: Dee Dee Trotter – 2008 Summer Olympics


The first on our list of inspirational teamwork examples is that of Dee Dee Trotter. A renowned athlete, Trotter won her first Olympic gold medal in the 2004 Olympics. In 2008 Games, DeeDee Trotter went to bag another gold medal in the 4×400 meter relay.

Unfortunately, due to a prevalent knee injury, the chances of winning the race seemed dim for Trotter. Dee Dee Trotter was of the opinion that as a member of Team USA, she felt responsible to put forth the best, even if it meant excluding herself.

Trotter adds, “Nobody gives up their spot on the Olympic team — selfishly people will run, even hurt — but not at the cost of the team, not me. I made sure I gave them my honest truth, and I told them my very best could damage the team today.”

Instead of making an impulsive decision, aiming for another accolade, Trotter thought over what was best for the team. As a result, while the team was moving from the warm-up area to the track, Trotter withdrew from the event.

The team selected a replacement runner and ultimately bagged the gold medal.

The moral for Agile teams:

Instead of focusing on what you can accomplish alone, keep the big picture in mind. Be open to entrusting tasks to others who can do them better. This works wonders for the overall team achievement.

Example #2: Broderick Brown – Oklahoma State Football Game 2010


During a 2010 Oklahoma-Oklahoma State football game, when Landry Jones threw the ball towards an open space, he was not ready for what was coming up next. Broderick Brown, at that instant, flew out of bounds and swung this pass over to his teammate Shaun Lewis for the interception.

This incident took everyone back, particularly at how swiftly Brown made hold of the opportunity.

On Brown’s part, there was an exhibition of risk-taking and present-mindedness. On the other hand, Shaun Lewis proved his ability to anticipate and use his intuition to play along.

The moral for Agile teams:

The element of trust and knowing your team members is absolutely crucial. If teams don’t develop a bond and work towards winning together, they can miss out on sudden opportunities landing into failure.

Example #3: Zlatko Dalic – World Cup 2018

In the 2018 World Cup, playing against Nigeria, Croatia’s coach, Zlatko Dalic, has to make a difficult but worthwhile decision to send the striker Nikola Kalinic home after their opening game.

As Kalinic had mentioned problems regarding his health before and then, the coach decided to look forward to his team’s health instead of rushing them on the ground.

As Dalic simply stated, “…since I need my players fit and ready to play, I have made this decision.”

The coach leveraged risk assessment and took an important decision in the team’s best interests. On the other hand, Kalinic had to withdraw from playing a game that might have landed him in yet another spot of glory.

The moral for Agile teams:

The leader should know the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Only based on this knowledge, the leader can steer his team towards success and sustainability. Team members also need to be aware of their weakness and let other members take over when needed.

Example #4: Hunter Pence – National League Divisional Series 2012

On October 9, 2012, the San Francisco Giants were at the brink of elimination against Cincinnati Reds in the National League Divisional Series. The Giants had lost two games at home already.

Game 3, however, turned out to be a completely different story. The team gives the credit to the pep talk given by a new team member, the outfielder, Hunter Pence.

Bruce Jenkins, a San Francisco Chronicle columnist, states, “Manager Bruce Bochy called a team meeting in the clubhouse, said a few choice words, and then Pence took it upon himself to address the team.

Normally, at times like this, the speaker will be a longtime veteran of the club, someone who exudes authority by his mere presence. Pence showed up only nine weeks ago—but if you’ve seen him play, you understand the burning desire he brings to the game.”

The talk was inspiring enough to boost team morale and focus on potential gains. The Giants ended up winning the last three games against the Reds, becoming the first NL team to come back from a 0-2 deficit. Eventually, they also won the 2012 World Series.

The moral for Agile teams:

Communication plays an important role in teamwork. The right words can scoop teams out of beaten morale and help them refocus. It does not matter how much a team lags behind; with teamwork, they can not only pick up speed but also win under dire situations.

Do you have a favorite sports team? What teamwork examples have you picked up along the way that can motivate your team? Share your story in the comments below.



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