17 Best Team Task Management Apps of 2023

team task management apps

Are you looking for the best way to manage your team tasks? Look no further! Here are the 17 best team task management apps of 2023 that will help your team stay organized and on track.

From simple scheduling to complex project management, these task management apps are guaranteed to make collaboration and productivity a breeze. Read on to discover the ideal app for your team’s needs! 

Team Task Management

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What Are Team Task Management Apps? 

Team Task Management Apps are digital tools designed to help teams and organizations stay organized and on track. These applications enable users to create and assign tasks, set deadlines, manage resources, track progress, and collaborate with colleagues.  

Team Task Management Apps provide an effective way for teams to stay organized and in sync – regardless of their location or time zone.  

Team Task Management App helps teams break down large projects into smaller tasks that can be assigned to individuals or groups. This makes it easier for team members to focus on specific tasks instead of getting overwhelmed by the bigger picture.  

Additionally, these apps allow users to set deadlines and share resources with other team members to ensure that everyone is working together towards a common goal.  

With Team Task Management App, teams have a centralized platform to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. This helps eliminate confusion as it ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to assignments and goals. Furthermore, these apps provide detailed reports which allow managers to monitor progress and make sure that tasks are completed on time.  

How Do Collaborative Task Management Apps Work? 

nTask assists online collaboration

Collaborative task management apps are designed to help teams and organizations stay organized, on track, and efficient.  

These apps provide users with powerful tools for managing tasks and communication within a team. Through collaborative task management apps, teams can easily assign tasks, set deadlines, keep track of progress, and communicate effectively.  

At the core of every collaborative task management app is a project management system that enables users to create projects, assign tasks to each project member, set deadlines and milestones, track progress, and collaborate on tasks.  

With features like task comments, reminders and notifications, team members can easily stay up to date on their projects’ progress. Additionally, many collaborative task management apps also come with powerful analytics tools that allow users to monitor project performance over time.  

By providing teams with an intuitive user interface that simplifies the task management process, these apps make it easy for users to keep track of their progress and ensure everyone is doing their part.  

With collaborative task management apps, teams can quickly assign tasks to each member of the team and set deadlines for completion. Moreover, team members can easily collaborate on tasks in real-time by discussing them in comments sections or even editing documents together in shared workspaces.  

The Need For Team Task Manager Apps

nTask facilitates communication in the workplace
  • Teams need task management applications for more organized collaboration and smoother workflow processes.  
  • Team Task manager app provides users with a single platform to track, assign, prioritize and update tasks assigned to team members in real-time.  
  • These tools also enable users to communicate effectively with their team members and share essential documents securely.  
  • Leveraging task manager apps can help teams stay on top of tasks by providing reminders, notifications, and alerts so tasks are not forgotten or delayed.   
  • Team task manager app tools come with an array of features such as shared calendars, project timelines, comment boards & document sharing which guarantee accurate project updates in a timely manner.  

Top 17 Best Apps For Team Task Management – 2023 

1. nTask 

nTask Homepage

The nTask Team task manager app is an innovative way to help businesses and organizations manage their tasks more efficiently. The app features a host of tools that make it easier to assign tasks, track progress, and receive notifications when assignments are completed.  

Additionally, users can access real-time analytics to gain visibility into team performance in order to make informed decisions quickly. With the ability to customize settings for individuals or teams, the intuitive user interface allows for easy navigation between projects and tasks.  

The nTask manager app also allows for collaboration with other members of the team by enabling users to share notes, files, and updates on the go. By allowing users command of their time management efforts with minimal effort spent manually entering data, this user-friendly tool helps streamline workflow processes and optimize daily operations. 


  • Assign tasks: Easily create and assign tasks to team members with specific instructions and deadlines.  
  • Monitor progress: Track the progress of assigned tasks in real-time with detailed metrics for each task, such as completion status, hours worked, resources used, etc. 
  • Streamlined communication: Integrate messaging capabilities directly into the task manager app so that team members can quickly communicate progress without leaving the app.  
  • Historical records: Maintain an accurate record of all past tasks and conversations in one central location for future reference or history logs.  
  • Automated reminders: Set automated alerts to be sent out prior to upcoming deadlines to ensure that everything is done on time without any delays or complications caused by a lack of reminders. 
  • Advanced analytics & reporting: Generate insightful reports with data from all tasks in order to better understand trends within your team’s workflow performance and identify potential issues before they become bigger problems down the line. 
  • Security protocols: Implement robust security protocols that safeguard user data , consumer information ,and employee files from unauthorized access or tampering. 


  • Easily create and assign tasks to team members.  
  • Monitor progress of tasks in real time. 
  • Receive notifications when any task is completed or overdue.  
  • Automatically assign tasks based on roles and responsibilities of each team member.  
  • Generate detailed reports for accountability on each task completion status.
  • Establish clear deadlines which can be easily tracked.   


  • Inadequate customization options to manage individual task lists 
  • Limited integration capabilities with other existing applications
  • Lack of real-time collaboration tools for the team working on tasks together 
  • Pricing,  
    Pro $3/month 
    Business $8/month 
    Enterprise Custom pricing/month 

2. Clockify 


Clockify is a powerful team task manager app that provides businesses and teams with an easy-to-use platform for tracking time and managing their workloads. With Clockify, users can easily create tasks, assign them to team members, track progress in real time, and visualize overall performance with report analytics.  

Clockify comes packed with features such as activity tracking, project management tools, collaboration boards, automated reminders and more – all designed to make delegating work easier while helping teams stay focused on the job at hand.  

Moreover, its intuitive interface makes it accessible for users of any skill level so you don’t need any technical knowledge to get started – making it perfect for both small businesses and large enterprises alike. 


  • Time Tracking: Clockify allows teams to easily track their time spent on tasks, projects, and meetings. It offers detailed reports on how much time was spent on each activity, making it easy to analyze productivity levels and plan.  
  • Project Management: Clockify’s project management capabilities allow teams to assign tasks to members of the team and set due dates for them. Additionally, its report feature allows managers to evaluate progress against what has been planned. 
  • Team Collaboration: Clockify provides an intuitive system allowing employees to communicate in real-time within the platform via messages and comments, enabling faster decision-making processes to stay on track with goals and deadlines without leaving the comfort of their own homes!  
  • Automated Reports & Insights: Clockify offers detailed insights into hours worked by tracking user activity throughout the day so managers can get a better understanding of employee performance at any given moment. 


  • Easy to set up: Clockify can be set up quickly and without any technical assistance, allowing teams to start tracking time with minimal effort. 
  • Comprehensive features: Team task management is enhanced with Clockify’s comprehensive feature set, which includes invoicing, reporting capabilities, an API for custom integrations, and more. 
  • Intuitive UX/UI Design: The app’s intuitive design makes it easy to use by team members of all skill levels. 
  • Accurate Time Tracking: Clockify helps teams accurately track the amount of time spent on each task so they can monitor overall productivity and make better decisions about resource allocation.  


  • Clockify’s team task manager app can be difficult to use, requiring a significant learning curve. 
  • It may not offer the necessary features required for project management. 
  • Clockify does not include an integrated cost management tool. 
  • The app lacks customer support for users with questions or technical issues.
  • It offers limited communication and collaboration capabilities among teams and departments. 


  • Basic $3.99/month 
  • Standard $5.49/month
  • Pro $7.99/month 
  • Enterprise $11.99/month 

3. Trello

Trello board

Trello is a cloud-based task management app that helps teams easily organize and manage their projects.  

With Trello, users can create boards and cards to track different tasks, assign team members specific roles and responsibilities, set deadlines, attach relevant documents, collaborate in real-time with other team members, customize access levels for each project, track progress on individual tasks or milestones as well as the entire project timeline overall.  

Additionally, Trello integrates with popular tools such as Slack and Google Drive allowing teams to use data from other apps to focus on what matters most. In short it provides an easy way for teams to have a unified workspace where they can coordinate all of their activities. 

Customizable Workflows: Trello allows users to customize the way their teams work by creating custom boards, lists, and cards that match each project’s specific needs.  

Task Assignments: Users can easily assign tasks to team members as well as set due dates and attach relevant materials.  

Collaboration & Communication: Trello allows teams to share ideas and information in real-time through comments, conversation threads, file attachments, checklists, and @mentions of individual contributors.  

Time Tracking & Progress Monitoring: Through its “Activity Feed” feature, users can monitor the status of projects in real-time while using powerful search capabilities to quickly find actionable items or missed deadlines. Additionally, users can use the “Power Up” feature which tracks task time estimates versus actual time vs artificial intelligence analytics (optional).   

Third Party Integrations & Automations: Trello provides integration with dozens of popular services like Slack for enhanced communication capabilities as well as automation tools for automating repetitive tasks within boards or across different workspaces.   

 • Security & Privacy Settings: The platform offers user protection with secure hosting from renowned servers.  


• Easy to use with an intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality.  

• Offers a visual overview of tasks and projects with boards, lists, and cards.  

• Has excellent collaboration features such as assigning tasks to team members, due dates for completion, labels for categorizing tasks etc.,  

• Provides integration with Google Drive and Dropbox for easy sharing of documents.   


  • Trello’s team task management software can be difficult to learn and master.  
  • Navigating the dashboard may be confusing for new users.  
  • It has limited reporting capabilities, making it harder to track performance goals.  
  • The limited customization options make it more challenging to design boards that fit specific needs.  
  • It lacks strong collaboration features such as file sharing or video conferencing. 


  • Free $0/month 
  • Standard $5/month 
  • Premium $10/month 
  • Enterprise $17.50/month 

4. Asana 


Asana is an easy-to-use, collaborative task management app that allows teams to stay organized and on top of their projects.  

It provides users with a simple interface to manage tasks and communicate progress in real time. From project timelines to shared calendars, Asana helps keep everyone in the loop on projects by making it easier to assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress, and collaborate.  

It also provides users with powerful analytics tools for measuring performance so teams can better optimize their workflow and make decisions faster.  

With features like team inboxes for comments or questions on tasks, powerful search tools for finding information quickly, as well as archiving capabilities for long term project records or notes from past conversations—Asana has everything one needs to keep projects running smoothly and efficiently. 

1. Team Organization: Asana allows users to create teams, assign tasks to team members, view a unified dashboard of all related tasks and projects, and manage team workloads. 

2. Task Management: Users can plan projects in detail with nested task lists, attach files and comments to specific tasks, set due dates and priority levels for tasks, track task progress with workflows and tags, review completed workflows in one centralized location.  

3. Advanced Reports: Asana’s reporting capabilities enable users to monitor project timelines across multiple teams or collaborations as well as individual performance records such as time spent on each project or task completion rate over time.  

4. Notifications & Reminders: Automated email reminders ensure that everyone is informed about upcoming deadlines, overdue tasks or changes that may affect their responsibilities within the project.  

5. Custom Dashboards & Workspaces: The customizable dashboards give users quick access to their most-used projects and an overview of upcoming deadlines instantly on the home screen without needing to search for them from other locations around the app interface. 


• Optimizes large scale project management, allowing teams to work together more efficiently. 

• Automates team communications and allows easy tracking of tasks with customizable workflow. 

• Streamlines communication between teams and improves visibility into task progress. 

• Offers a wide range of powerful features designed specifically for businesses with multiple users, including Gantt charts, KanBan boards and resource planning tools. 


• Optimizes large scale project management, allowing teams to work together more efficiently. 

• Automates team communications and allows easy tracking of tasks with customizable workflow. 

• Streamlines communication between teams and improves visibility into task progress. 

• Offers a wide range of powerful features designed specifically for businesses with multiple users, including Gantt charts, KanBan boards and resource planning tools. 


  • Basic $0/month 
  • Premium $10.99/month
  • Business $24.99/month 

5. Helpjuice 


Helpjuice is an innovative collaborative task management application that supports teams to work smarter and faster.  

It enables teams to create, assign and manage tasks with ease. It also allows users to track the progress of each task while having a bird’s eye view of the project’s overall status. The app makes it easy for team members to collaborate effectively and efficiently on any kind of project.  

With features such as drag-and-drop task assignment, automated checklists, real-time updates, discussion boards and more, Helpjuice helps teams stay organized, focused and on top of things by simplifying their workloads so they can focus on getting things done quickly and accurately. 


1. Task Management: Helpjuice allows users to easily create, assign and manage tasks in an organized and efficient way. Users can set due dates, prioritize tasks based on importance, add tags and notes for more clarity, delegate tasks to team members if needed and get timely updates when a task is completed or overdue. 

2. Automated Notifications: Helpjuice provides automated notifications that alert users about upcoming tasks as well as any changes made to existing tasks. This feature ensures everyone always has the most up-to-date information about the current project status. 

3. Goal Setting & Tracking: With Helpjuice’s goal setting & tracking tool users can quickly set goals for their entire team or individual team members and track progress towards meeting each one of those goals in real-time with detailed analytics reports that offer insights into overall performance levels throughout any given time frame.  

4. Dashboard View: The dashboard view helps keep everyone informed by displaying important data such as total number of active projects, assigned tasks and goals achieved in one easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from any device with internet connection capabilities across multiple platforms (desktop/mobile).  

5. Integrations & APIs: Helpjuice integrates seamlessly with other popular business software including Dropbox, Slack, Google Calendar/Drive/Docs etc., providing users with endless possibilities for getting work done quickly without compromising on quality or timely delivery of results. 


• Helpjuice collaborative task management app simplifies and streamlines projects, allowing users to assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress, and collaborate with ease.  

• It helps to eliminate tedious manual processes for team collaboration by providing automated reminders for tasks and alerts for overdue items.  

• The app organizes all project details in one central place like task lists, comment sections that can be used as discussion boards, plus helpful tracking features so no deadline ever gets missed.  

• It allows easy access from any device or location so users can stay up-to-date on the latest changes at any time of day or night.  


  • Helpjuice’s collaborative task management app has the potential to overwhelm users, as there can be too many notifications for updates and tasks assigned.  
  • The interface can also be overly complex, leading to confusion among new users. 
  • Overuse of Helpjuice’s collaborative task management app can lead to redundancy in some tasks and long-term inefficiency. 
  • It is possible that team communication using the task management app could lead to miscommunication or misunderstanding of overall project goals. 


  • Starter $120/month 
  • Run-up $200/month 
  • Premium Limited $289/month 
  • Premium Unlimited $499/month 

6. JIRA 


JIRA is a comprehensive and robust task management app designed to make collaboration between users easier.  

It provides users with a range of features, including project tracking and scheduling, issue tracking, customizable workflow support, powerful search capabilities, and third-party integration. With its intuitive user interface and numerous customization options, JIRA makes it easy for teams to efficiently organize tasks and keep track of their progress on any project – big or small.  

Additionally, with its mobile app version available for iOS and Android devices as well as its web client version, JIRA provides users with anytime access to their work from virtually anywhere in the world. All in all, JIRA provides an effective toolset that can help teams boost productivity by enabling them to focus on the most important tasks at hand. 

1. User Management: JIRA provides users with an intuitive and powerful user management system, allowing administrators to easily add, delete and edit users. It also offers granular access control for individual users or groups, enabling teams to filter tasks by user permissions or roles.  

2. Issue Tracking & Organization: JIRA allows administrators to quickly create custom issue types to suit their needs, such as bugs, improvements, and feature requests. Each issue can be tracked through its life cycle using JIRA’s customizable workflow engine. 

3. Agile Project Management Functionality: With the help of the agile project management tools offered by JIRA, teams can easily handle sprint planning, task assignment and tracking progress across multiple projects at once – making sure that your team meets deadlines without any issues  

4. Automation & Customization Options: The automation features of JIRA allow you to set up automated triggers for various events like creating a new task when an existing one is completed or sending out notifications about changes in a project status.  

Additionally, it offers extensive customization options so administrators can tailor the interface according to their preference as well as integrate with third party applications for additional functionality.  

5. Comprehensive Reporting System: Keep track of your team’s performance with comprehensive reporting features built into JIRA including real-time insights from dashboards and detailed analytics reports giving you up-to-date statistics on how productivity levels are progressing over time . 


• Easy to use and intuitive interface for efficient collaboration between teams 

• Comprehensive project tracking capabilities provide visibility into every aspect of a project 

• Automates workflow processes, streamlines task management and simplifies complex workflows 

• Supports multiple user access levels to ensure secure data access and team communication  

• Robust reporting capabilities allow users to keep track of progress in real-time 


• JIRA may require intensive setup, particularly for large projects.  

• It can be difficult to use the full version of JIRA for small teams.  

• Navigation through menus and a lack of clarity in some areas can make initial onboarding tricky. 

• The user interface does not provide the best experience for all users and could be improved with better customization options. 


  • Free – $0/month 
  • Standard – $7.75/month 
  • Premium $15.25/month 
  • Enterprise Custom/month 

7. Infinity 


Infinity is a collaborative task management app that enables teams to work together more effectively and efficiently.  

This app features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows users to easily create tasks, assign them to team members, set deadlines, add comments, and track progress. Additionally, the app offers valuable project analytics which provide detailed metrics on projects such as time spent working on tasks and the number of tasks completed in total – helping teams better understand how they’re performing.  

Teams can also communicate with each other through a unified internal messaging system within the app. With Infinity’s features, productivity is improved while ensuring that all team members are on the same page with regards to goals, objectives and procedures for success. 


1. Task Creation Feature: Infinity allows users to create tasks and assign them to their team members with ease. Users can set deadlines, prioritize tasks and add notes for more context. 

2. Automation Feature: Infinity offers an automated workflow that helps ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to task completion. This feature streamlines communication and makes sure all team members are informed about who’s responsible for what tasks.  

3. Data Visualization Feature: The app also offers data visualization tools so teams can easily monitor progress on specific goals or projects visually using a Gantt chart or other graphically-driven displays.  

This feature allows teams to quickly identify trends, track performance, and adjust strategies in response to changes in the environment.  

4. Reporting Feature: The reporting functionality of Infinity enables teams to generate detailed reports on project health, task completion trends over time, productivity levels of each member of a group, resource utilization and more.  

5. Built-in Analytics Tool: For more precise insights into how your team behaves while completing tasks, Infinity includes built-in analytics tools that show key metrics such as average time spent on individual tasks.  


  • Streamlines teamwork with effective task and project organization  
  • Automates tedious processes and encourages collaboration  
  • Easy to use platform, with drag-and-drop features for organizing tasks   
  • Integrates seamlessly with other popular work apps like Slack, Dropbox, Evernote etc 
  • Offers real-time updates on the progress of task completion  
  • Offers detailed reporting capabilities so team members can keep track of progress 


  • Infinity’s collaborative task management app may be difficult to learn for users who are not familiar with this type of technology. 
  • The cost of using Infinity’s collaborative task management app can be expensive for some businesses or organizations.  
  • The interface of Infinity’s collaborative task management app can seem cluttered and overwhelming at first.  
  • Upgrading to the paid version of Infinity’s collaborative task management app can involve a complicated setup process. 


  • Basic $3.75/user/month 
  • Pro $6/user/month

8. Twist 


Twist is an intuitive task management software that helps teams of all sizes stay organized and productive. It provides a suite of powerful tools to help manage tasks, assign tasks to team members, track progress, keep deadlines on schedule, and generate reports in real-time.  

With Twist’s versatile features and customizable environment, teams can customize their workflow to fit the needs of their specific projects. Additionally, the software’s mobile capabilities allow project managers to stay connected with team members regardless of location or device.  

For organizations looking for an efficient way to keep up with complex projects and collaborate more efficiently as a team – Twist is the perfect solution! 


1. Task Management: Twist enables users to define and assign tasks in a project, track progress with detailed reporting, and create custom workflow automations so teams can stay focused on their work.  

2. Collaboration & Communication: Twist facilitates real-time collaboration between team members by allowing them to easily exchange messages with each other across the platform in both public and private channels; this feature also allows users to schedule one-on-ones, group chats, video calls, and file sharing. 

3. Dashboard & Reporting: With Twist’s customizable dashboard feature users can measure progress in real time through analytics reports as well as visually monitor important metrics such as task completion rate or budget utilization.  

4. Resource Planning & Scheduling: The resource planning tool enables managers to view availability of team members at any given time thus ensuring optimum utilization of resources throughout an organization; the scheduling feature further helps managers plan out tasks for maximum efficiency over a given period.   

5. Customization & Integration Capability: With robust customization tools users have full control over how they configure air projects, tasks list hierarchy and user visibility. 

It also offers seamless integration capabilities with many popular applications like Google Calendar or Dropbox enabling users to transfer data quickly directly inside the platform itself without having to leave the comfort of their workspace environment. 


• Flexible task management system that can be tailored to fit the needs of any project or team  

• An intuitive interface that allows users to easily manage tasks and track progress. 

• Allows multiple users to collaborate on tasks in real-time. 

• Automatically generates reports and summaries that help keep teams accountable. 

• Includes features such as customizable workflows, notifications & alerts, and task templates.  

• Supports file sharing and version control, so everyone on the team is always up-to-date. 


• Twist task management software does not offer any customizations for users, making it difficult to tailor the platform for individual needs. 

• Its limited integration capabilities fail to keep up with its competitors who provide many more options. 

• It only offers a basic search feature which can make navigating within tasks cumbersome and time consuming. 

• The user interface is relatively simple but may be too basic for some users requiring advanced features. 


  • Free Trial $0/month 
  • Unlimited $6/month 

9. Basecamp 


Basecamp task management software is an intuitive and effective way to manage projects.  

It offers unparalleled features that make it easy to assign tasks, monitor progress, streamline communication among team members, and stay up to date on the latest developments. With its comprehensive set of tools, Basecamp can help teams collaborate more effectively—regardless of their location or time zone.  

Its features include project templates; task lists; detailed messaging capabilities; real-time notifications when changes are made; built-in activity monitoring; reporting functions on productivity levels and progress updates; attachment options for documents, images, videos, and other files; custom integration with third-party applications through APIs; private chat rooms for teams or specific individuals working on a project together.  


• Task assignment & tracking: Basecamp allows users to assign tasks, set due dates, add comments and sub-tasks, track progress, and view assignee’s workload. 

• Checklists: Create checklists to easily track the items that need to be completed as part of larger projects.  

• File storage & sharing: Upload files directly into Basecamp or link from other cloud storage accounts like Google Drive or Dropbox for easy collaboration.  

• Group communication: Connect people on a project with group messaging and threaded discussions so everyone stays in the loop.  

• Date reminders & calendar scheduling: Set up upcoming events in the built-in calendar feature with an optional reminder system so key dates don’t get missed.  

• Reporting & analytics tools: Analyze data from all projects with integrated reporting and analytics tools for better decision making.  

• Third party app integration: Integrate your favorite third-party apps like Slack, GitHub, Zoom, Trello and more to extend the capabilities of Basecamp even further. 


• Offers a wide variety of project management tools to manage tasks, resources, and team members. 

• Easily assign and track tasks with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. 

• Utilizes powerful collaboration features such as private messaging, notifications, @mentions, task comments and more. 

• Provides detailed reporting tools for monitoring progress and visualizing data. 

• Integrates with popular third-party apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack and more for easy access to all files.  

• Supports up to 15 users on the free plan almost indefinitely.  


• Can lack comprehensive budgeting and forecasting capabilities. 

• Some users find the interface outdated or over-simplified. 

• Can be challenging to set up for large organizations with complex structures. 

• Limited customization options can lead to data entry errors and inconsistencies. 

• Single sign-on compatibility is not available, which can impact user experience when integrating with other applications. 


  • Basecamp $15/user/month 
  • Basecamp Pro Unlimited $299/month

10. Kipwise 

Kipwise is a great task management software that allows users to easily manage their tasks, goals, and projects.  

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Kipwise makes it easy for anyone to achieve their goals.  

It offers tools such as customizable task lists, timetables, reminders, progress tracking options, integrated calendar integration with other popular services (such as Google Calendar), and more.  

Its features make it one of the top-rated task management systems available today.  

With its affordability and flexibility, Kipwise is an excellent choice for individuals who need a reliable tool to help them stay on track with their tasks and projects. 


1. Task List with Rich Formatting: Kipwise has a task list feature that allows you to add rich formatting such as checklists, labels, and even images. This makes it easy to organize your tasks in a visual way. 

2. Kanban Boards: Kipwise also offers a Kanban board that helps you visualize how tasks move through the workflow process. You can customize each card on the board to different colors or labels, so it is easy to keep track of progress.  

3. Automated Workflows: With Kipwise you can set up automated workflows that help streamline processes and save time managing tasks manually. You can set rules for when tasks should be created or moved from one stage of completion to the next without any manual effort required on your part.  

4. Collaboration Tools: Kipwise also provides collaboration tools such as comment threads, tag team members on specific cards, assign teammates responsible for completing certain steps of the project and create private notes only visible for certain individuals in the team working on a task together.  

5. Analytics and Reports: Finally, with Kipwise’s analytics dashboard, team leaders have visibility into how teams are performing at any given moment by viewing data such as individual productivity levels and overall performance metrics over time.  

The reports generated from this data allow leaders to make informed decisions about resource allocation and identify areas where improvements could be made within their organization’s workflows. 


• Streamlines complex projects with intuitive task management to boost productivity 

• Easy collaboration with team members through shared boards  

• Automated reminders, tracking and progress reports to help monitor progress effectively  

• Visualize tasks through flexible boards, lists and calendars for improved organization   

• Customizable workflows in order to match the need of any business use-case 

• Seamless integration with existing business systems for increased efficiency 


  • Kipwise’s task management software does not allow for multiple users to collaborate on tasks.  
  • The UI is not as user-friendly as some other task tracking applications.  
  • It lacks mobile app support, making it difficult to access from a mobile device.  
  • Task scheduling options are limited and do not provide the same level of control as other platforms. 
  • Kipwise does not offer any integration with third party software or services. 


  • Professional $4.25/month 
  • Premium $7.65/month 
  • Branded $13.6/month
  • Enterprise contact us/month 

11. Agantty 


Agantty is a comprehensive task management software that helps businesses and organizations manage their tasks in an efficient and organized manner.  

This tool is designed to help teams stay coordinated and productive, especially when working on complex projects. It provides a centralized system where users can schedule, assign, track, and collaborate on tasks. The user-friendly interface enables users to easily access all the tools they need for effective project planning and execution.  

Agantty also integrates with popular applications such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, Jira, Trello etc; allowing users to keep up with changes across multiple platforms simultaneously. With features such as custom labels for each task type and interactive Gantt charts. Agantty makes it easy for teams to plan out timelines with details or run reports quickly from any device at any given time. 


1. Project Management: Agantty provides comprehensive task and project management capabilities to help users manage their workloads effectively. Users can create custom tasks and assign them to team members, set deadlines, track progress and review completed work. 

2. Gantt Charts: This software has a powerful Gantt chart feature that enables users to easily map out long-term projects by dragging and dropping tasks on the timeline view of their project. It also allows users to adjust start/end dates, dependencies between tasks and overall project duration quickly with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. 

3. Dashboard & Reports: Agantty provides clear visibility into team performance with its dashboard which allows users to keep an eye on the status of all current tasks in real-time using detailed reports generated based on user requirements such as progress over time or individual performance comparisons between team members etc.,  

4. Communication Tools (Instant Messaging): The IM feature provided by Agantty makes it easier for teams to communicate within the platform without having to switch between different tools like email, Skype or WhatsApp among others while they are collaborating on a project or task related activity.  

5. Automations & Integrations: Using this software’s automation features such as automated reminders, notifications and approval requests sent via email or SMS make it possible for teams to streamline routine processes such as receiving feedback from clients before beginning a new task.  

• Agantty task management software allows for easy collaboration between team members and improved project visibility.  

• Agantty helps teams to streamline task management, define processes, and set up automated reminders for tasks. 

• It enables users to customize their dashboard according to individual needs and preferences.  

• The software allows agile teams to manage stories, sprints, defects, comments, documents and backlogs easily in one place.  

• Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for new users to get started quickly with minimal effort.  


  •  Agantty task management software lacks the ability to collaborate with other users on tasks and projects. 
  • It does not have the option for user customization and integration with multiple applications. 
  • The interface looks outdated compared to some of today’s modern task management programs.
  • There are limited options available for reporting, insights, or analytics on tasks or projects.  
  • There is no real time alert system in place to notify users of important changes in progress. 


  • Free $0/month
  • Pro $4.90/month 

12. Freedcamp 


Freedcamp task management software offers a comprehensive and efficient way to organize, manage and collaborate on projects. This cloud-based system provides powerful tools for creating tasks, assigning users to complete them, tracking progress in real time, managing deadlines and keeping all stakeholders up to date on the latest status.  

It also allows users to attach files from Dropbox or Google Drive directly into the system, enabling teams to easily upload documents and project assets that can be shared with individuals or groups within Freedcamp. With its customizable interface and robust sharing capabilities, Freedcamp is an excellent tool for coordinating large or small projects quickly and efficiently. 


1. Task Organization: Freedcamp task management software enables users to organize tasks into projects, checklists, calendars, and more. It also features labels to further categorize tasks for easy tracking and sorting. 

2. Collaboration Tools: Freedcamp offers a variety of collaboration tools such as a message board, file sharing capabilities, collaboration notes and comments on tasks that can be shared within a project team. 

3. Time Tracking: This task management software feature allows users to track their time as they work on projects and tasks enabling better utilization of resources and improved efficiency in project completion times.  

4. Reporting Tools: Freedcamp provides users with customizable reports they can use to gain insight into their team’s performance including viewing the progress of projects over time or viewing which tasks have been completed by each user or group member on the platform.  

5. Project Template Creation & Reuse: Users are able to create templates for any frequently used set of steps or processes making it easier when setting up new projects with similar elements or levels of complexity already pre-defined in the template’s structure so you don’t have to start from scratch every single time you launch a new project.  

• Freedcamp task management software offers users a unified platform to manage multiple projects, tasks and deadlines. 

• Its intuitive interface allows users to create custom workflows and assign tasks to team members with ease.  

• Automated reminders ensure that all your team members stay on track, making it easier to collaborate remotely. 

• Its cloud-based infrastructure makes it accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, so there’s no need for extra hardware or software installation.  


  •  Freedcamp task management software may not always be user friendly, requiring users to spend extra time familiarizing themselves with the program.  
  •  The platform can occasionally be slow and glitchy, negatively impacting user experience. 
  •  Due to the free nature of the software, some features may be limited or inaccessible compared to paid versions. 
  •  Technical support for Freedcamp is not as extensive and thorough as other task management programs on the market. 


  • Free $0/month 
  • Pro $2.49/month 
  • Business $8.99/month 
  • Enterprise $19.99/month 

13. Podio 


Podio team task manager app is the perfect way to manage projects within a team or organization. It allows teams to create tasks and assign them across multiple project timelines, with everyone being able to track their own progress along the way.  

With its intuitive UI, it enables users to quickly add tasks, define objectives, set milestones, and easily collaborate with others in real-time. Podio also offers a range of advanced analytics tools which enable teams to view performance metrics briefly and identify areas for improvement.  

By offering powerful insights into how teams are working together on projects, Podio helps ensure that everyone is engaged in achieving the best results possible for the business as a whole. 


1. Set up Projects with Templates: Podio allows users to manage team tasks by setting up projects and assigning tasks with customizable templates as well as views for easy tracking of task progress. 

2. Automated Notifications and Reports: Every user will receive notifications when changes are made in a project or task, along with automated reports on task completion percentages, working hours, etc. that give live updates on the progress of each project.  

3. Team Collaboration & Mentioning: Podio allows members of a team to stay connected and collaborate through message boards, direct messaging and mentioning other users relevant to the project in conversations or discussions around a certain item or topic related to the project at hand.  

4. Customizable Workflows & Apps: With customizable workflows exclusive to Podio, users can create unique apps and templates within projects that match their specific needs while keeping teams organized and on track with each step within an overall plan or goal from start to finish for any given job or assignment.  

5. Secure File Sharing & Storage: Secure file storage is available that allows files throughout projects under one single platform for full access across multiple platforms so all members always have access no matter where they may be located geographically or digitally in comparison to other members of the same team/project group involved in said assignment(s). 


• Easily create project tasks and assign them to team members with Podio’s intuitive task management app. 

• Track progress, set deadlines and collaborate on tasks in one centralized platform. 

• Automatically generate reports for ongoing projects to quickly identify areas needing improvement. 

• Receive notifications when tasks are completed or comments are added to keep you updated on the progress of any project. 

• Integrate popular applications like Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Google Calendar and more into your workflow for effortless collaboration across teams. 


  • Podio’s team task manager app can lack user-friendly customization options, making it difficult to tailor the app to fit specific workflow needs. 
  • The integration of certain third party apps and services with Podio is limited, resulting in fewer external tools available for a more comprehensive management experience.  
  • Some users have experienced glitches and bugs while using the Podio team task manager app, causing unexpected delays in workflow operations.  
  • Overall customer service for Podio may be lacking as some reports indicate long wait times before receiving an answer from support staff. 


  • Free $0/month 
  • Plus $11.20/month 
  • Premium $19.20/month 

14. MeisterTask 

MeisterTask is a powerful team task manager app, designed to support teams of all sizes and across all industries.  

It offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for users to assign tasks, create workflows and assign deadlines. With real-time updates on projects, MeisterTask ensures that no task is left unchecked as progress towards goals can be easily monitored by the team from one central platform.  

Additionally, its collaborative features like dashboards, email notifications and comments ensure smooth collaboration between members irrespective of their locations.  

MeisterTask also allows integration with popular project management tools like Asana, Trello and Slack enabling teams to access important information within those apps right inside their MeisterTask workspace.  

All these features make it one of the most efficient team task manager applications available in the market! 


1. Task Management: MeisterTask provides an intuitive, streamlined task management interface to help teams track and organize their work. The platform allows users to create projects with subtasks and assign them to team members, set deadlines, add attachments, integrate with other popular apps like Dropbox and Google Drive, and more.  

2. Collaboration Tools: MeisterTask offers a number of collaboration tools designed to boost productivity including team chat and notifications when tasks are completed or edited by coworkers. Users can also comment on tasks for quick communication about any project related issue.  

3. Automated Workflows: With the automated workflow feature of MeisterTask users can easily design workflows that automatically move tasks between different boards/projects as they are completed or updated based on user-defined rules.  

This streamlines the process from start to finish so all associated tasks are completed quickly and accurately every time regardless of who is responsible for it in the team. 

4. Reporting & Analytics: Reports allow users to track progress over time while analytics provide insight into how productive your teams really are – identifying trends within processes that could impede productivity or efficiency which can then be adjusted accordingly.  

The data obtained helps teams keep tabs on how far along they’ve come in terms of completing projects and optimally allocate resources necessary for success moving forward 


 • MeisterTask is an intuitive team task manager app, allowing for seamless collaboration and communication between teams.  

• Provides simple yet powerful task management with powerful features like due dates, subtasks, templates and Kanban boards.  

• Features dedicated integrations with productivity tools such as GitHub, Slack and Trello to ensure tasks are tracked accurately.  

• Automatically syncs data across all devices to ensure everyone stays up-to-date with project progress.  


  • MeisterTask team task manager app can be difficult to set up and configure for large teams.  
  • It can also be hard to keep track of individual tasks within larger projects due to the lack of customization options. 
  • The interface design is quite basic compared to more modern task management apps, making it a bit less user friendly than some competitors. 
  • There are limited integrations with other software and tools available, so users may have difficulty connecting their existing systems. 


  • Basic – Free
  • Pro $4.19/month 
  • Business $10.39/month 
  • Enterprise Custom/month 

15. SmartTask

SmartTask is an innovative team task manager app that helps teams work together more productively. This powerful software enables users to manage tasks and assignments, keep track of project progress, monitor team performance levels, and much more.  

SmartTask has many features that make it perfect for any business environment including task sharing capabilities, notification services, real-time updates on project goals and milestones, analytics to measure success rate of individual tasks and the entire team’s performance.  

SmartTask also integrates with other apps such as Google Drive so you can easily access your documents from one place. With its intuitive user interface and comprehensive tools, SmartTask simplifies teamwork for any size organization or project type so everyone can get work done faster with fewer errors. 


 • Task Assignment: SmartTask’s team task manager allows users to easily assign tasks and manage workflows. The app provides user-friendly ways to delegate projects, provide instructions, track progress and measure performance with advanced reporting capabilities.  

• Collaboration Tools: SmartTask’s team task manager allows multiple users to collaborate on a single project without having to leave the app. Features such as real-time chat, document sharing, audio/video calls and whiteboard tools make it easier for teams to communicate quickly.  

• 3rd Party Integrations: SmartTask integrates with many popular third-party services like Google Suite, Slack and Zapier, allowing teams to connect their apps all in one place for faster collaboration.  

• Automation & notifications: Automate repetitive tasks with custom workflows within the app or set up automated alerts for when a task is due or completed. Users can also customize notifications that help keep track of changes in projects or ask other users for help when needed.”  

• Reporting & Analytics: SmartTask has powerful reporting tools that allow teams to analyze data from their tasks and optimize workflow efficiencies. Users can view detailed reports using aggregate data from individual tasks or combine data from multiple projects into larger report summaries. 


• Professional Team Task Management app- SmartTask allows teams to easily manage tasks and projects, allowing for quick collaboration without the hassle.  

• Streamlined Collaboration – SmartTask makes it easy to assign tasks to team members and discuss progress in real-time from any device. 

• Automated Notes & Reminders – Automatically track details such as cost, duration, notes and reminders of tasks with accurate data tracking. 

• Integrations – Seamlessly integrates with common services such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams And Outlook Calendar. 

• Responsive Mobile App- Enjoy the same features on mobile devices for a seamless experience even when you’re on the go. 


  • SmartTask team task manager app has a steep learning curve and can be difficult to learn for members who are not tech-savvy.  
  • SmartTask’s user interface is not as intuitive or easy to use compared with other similar apps. 
  • SmartTask lacks some core features that would make it more suitable for larger teams, such as the ability to manage multiple projects at once. 
  • The notifications system within SmartTask is unreliable and can often miss important reminders or messages.  
  • The lack of detailed analytics or insights regarding project progress means users have less visibility on their team’s progress 


  • Free Forever – Free 
  • Premium $5/month 
  • Business $8/month 
  • Enterprise custom/month 

16. Notion


Notion team task manager app is a great tool for teams to keep on top of tasks, assignments, and projects. The app is highly intuitive with user friendly features that allow users to easily manage their tasks in an effective way. It allows you to create custom spaces or workspaces for each project with defined categories and checklists to ensure all necessary elements are included in the completion of any given task.  

Additionally, it offers powerful collaboration options such as commenting, tagging, sharing capabilities and project management tools. This helps team members communicate efficiently and stay focused on the goals at hand. Finally, Notion’s dashboard provides useful insights such as timeline views and analytics which can help your team track progress towards its objectives.  

All in all, Notion is a powerful solution for teams looking to improve their productivity and workflow efficiency. 


1. Task Management: Notion’s task management feature allows users to assign, monitor, track and complete tasks with ease. It offers a simple drag-and-drop system for task organization as well as notifications for important milestones and deadlines. 

2. Progress Tracking: With Notion’s progress tracking feature, users can keep an eye on each team member’s performance in real-time by assigning roles based on access levels. This way, managers are able to properly track the progress of tasks assigned to employees or subcontractors while allowing them the flexibility to manage their own workloads at the same time.  

3. Team Collaboration: Communication between teams is key for any project’s success and Notion facilitates this process through its collaboration tools such as built-in chat messaging, in-app commenting, one-click audio & video conferencing capabilities and more!  

4. Smart Checklists: Whether it’s individual tasks or complex projects that require several steps over a period of time, Notion provides users with smart checklist features that help them stay organized by breaking down large scale projects into manageable chunks so they can easily be completed one step at a time.  

5. Dashboard Alerts & Insights: The dashboard alert system offers detailed insights into how your team is performing such as who has finished certain tasks ahead of schedule or which teams are lagging behind in completion rates etcetera – letting you take remedial action quickly if needed! 


• Easily track and manage team tasks with Notion’s intuitive task manager app.  

• Streamline team collaboration by creating custom workflows, assigning tasks, setting due dates and communicating progress in one central place.  

• Automate repetitive processes and quickly implement changes to keep the workflow efficient.  

• Integrate effortlessly with third-party tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Jira and more for seamless communication between teams. 

• Enjoy advanced features like recurring tasks, checklists and reminders that help save time while working on projects. 


  • Notion’s team task manager app may have a steep learning curve for some users. 
  • It can be difficult to collaborate on some documents within the app. 
  • The mobile version of the app does not provide access to all features. 
  • Its pricing structure doesn’t provide good value for businesses with large teams. 
  • There are limited integrations with other services and tools. 


  • Free – free
  • Plus $8/month 
  • Business $15/month 
  • Enterprise custom/month 

17. Redbooth


Redbooth is an easy to use team task manager app designed for any size of business.  

It allows you to assign tasks to individual members, set deadlines and track progress in real-time with its intuitive dashboard. The app also features project statistics so you can easily identify which areas of your team need improvement or require more attention.  

Additionally, Redbooth has an integrated messaging system which allows collaborators to communicate and provide feedback quickly, reducing the time it takes to complete a task and increasing productivity overall. With its collaboration tools such as file sharing, commenting, calendars, Gantt charts and much more – Redbooth ensures that teams are working together efficiently without sacrificing their own productivity levels. 

1. Task Management: Redbooth’s task management feature allows users to organize, prioritize and assign tasks on projects. This includes creating checklists, attaching files and setting due dates with the ability to search through tasks quickly and efficiently. 

2. Team Collaboration: Through the team collaboration feature, teams can communicate easily through comments, video calls or chat with other members of the project. Redbooth also provides real-time updating of team progress in order to keep everyone on the same page throughout a project’s duration.  

3. Project Tracking & Reporting: With Redbooth’s powerful project tracking capabilities, users are able to analyze their progress using a wide range of reporting options such as daily activity reports and interactive graphs for an extra layer of performance visibility into any specific project or team member working on it.  

4. Integrations & API Access: Integrating existing tools is easy with Team Task Manager from Redbooth which offers seamless integration with popular applications such as Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive etc., while also allowing customers access to their rich APIs which allow developers rapidly build custom integrations within minutes(example Zapier).  

5 File Sharing & Storage: With file sharing and storage capabilities built right into App users can easily store and share important documents securely at a single location so that all stakeholders have quick access whenever needed without having to hunt for it throughout various folders or emails inboxes . 


• Enhances team collaboration by allowing users to assign tasks and manage workflows across teams. 

• Automates task reviews and updates with customizable notifications. 

• Integrates with a range of third-party applications to streamline productivity. 

• Offers project visibility that can be tracked in real-time. 

• Supports remote working and helps keep track of employee progress, accountability, motivation and engagement. 


  • Redbooth’s team task manager app can sometimes be difficult to use, making it hard for new users to understand the features. 
  • The UI can be confusing and slow at times. 
  • Lack of customization options may make it difficult to tailor the app to meet individual needs. 
  • It has limited integration with third-party apps which can limit its capabilities. 


  • Pro $9/month 
  • Business $15/month 
  • Enterprise custom/month 

How Do You Implement Task Management? 

Task management is the process of organizing and managing tasks to ensure that projects are completed in an efficient and successful manner.  

To implement task management, it is important to identify all tasks needed for completion, prioritize them based on urgency and importance, create a timeline for their completion, assign roles or tasks to specific individuals or teams if necessary, track progress regularly, provide feedback about results so far back to the team responsible for completing those tasks. 

If there are any issues that arise throughout the project or task cycle, adjustments may be required and these can be tracked as well.  

Additionally, ensuring sufficient resources such as time and money are available will make correct implementation easier. Creating a culture of collaboration with stakeholders can also help ensure effective implementation of task management. 

What Is The Best Way To Track Team Tasks? 

In today’s fast-paced business world, staying on top of tasks and projects is essential for success. That’s why nTask is the best team task management app of 2023. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, powerful feature set, and advanced customization options, nTask helps teams stay organized and on-task with minimal effort. 

nTask allows users to create tasks with detailed descriptions, assign them to team members, set due dates and reminders, track progress in real-time, share files securely, and more. It also provides an extensive library of templates for quick task creation and project planning. Plus, its collaboration features enable teams to communicate quickly and easily about their tasks.  

But what truly sets nTask apart from other team task management apps is its advanced customization options that allow users to tailor the app to their specific needs. This includes custom views for different roles (e.g., project managers), permission settings for different levels of access, integration with third-party applications like Slack or Dropbox for added convenience, and much more.  


In conclusion, there are a variety of team task management apps available in 2023 that can help streamline and simplify how teams manage their tasks.  

From well-known platforms like Asana and Trello to lesser known options such as monday.com and Todoist, there is an app for every style of work and budget. Finding the right team task management app for your organization can save time, increase collaboration, reduce stress, and improve overall productivity. 


What is the value of maintaining a team task list? 

Maintaining a team task list is an effective way of streamlining workflow, helping to keep teams organized, and increasing accountability. It provides visibility into each individual’s responsibilities so that tasks can be delegated accurately, deadlines can be monitored more easily, and resources can be allocated efficiently. Working collaboratively from a single list can help improve communication between team members as tasks are updated in real-time, fostering collaboration and trust. 

How many tasks can one person manage? 

Maintaining a team task list is an important part of successfully managing a team. It allows team members to stay organized, track progress and keep communication with each other clear. It also ensures that tasks are completed on time, efficiently and with the appropriate resources allotted. Additionally, it empowers team members to self-manage their roles and tasks while also allowing them to adjust workflows quickly when needed. 

What are 4 performance tools? 

Four performance tools that can be used to measure and analyze performance include: 1) Profiling and benchmarking tools, 2) Synthetic monitoring, 3) Transaction tracing, and 4) Application performance management (APM). Each of these tools provides valuable insights into the performance of a system.  

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