How To Make Time Go By Faster For Increased Productivity?


We all can relate to the days at the office when time begins to slow down, and it feels like the day is becoming never-ending. Well, we all have been there. A lot of times, the workdays can feel stagnant. As if the entire course of time slows down and the air around you simply becomes confining.

We know that you either keep looking at the clock or dreading this shift’s end. But wait, there actually is a way around it! If only there would be a way to make time go by faster on such days – you would.

Objectively, there is no way to make time go by faster; however, scientists admit that time is both objective and subjective. The objective is that the seconds cannot be made to move quickly, as they move at the same pace, regardless.

Subjective in a way that the human perception of time can be simply altered. Multiple experiments have proven that people in different situations would admit that their time went by slower or faster. For instance, spending time with a beloved friend or sitting in a boring answer? I think you got the answer.

Instead of just focusing on counting the hours, you must find ways to pass down the time while being productive. If you feel that you get easily distracted in your workplace, especially after the afternoon slump, we have some tactics to make your time go by faster for increased productivity.

1. Get moving your entire day than being idle


According to research, taking small breaks throughout the day and moving can make your day much more productive and boosts your serotonin. You can actually build energy through moving.

So if you are spending your day constantly looking at your clock and wondering for the time to pass away, it’s not going to happen. Move around, take small breaks, and do small activities. For instance, take the stairs, go outside, and walk around in your office building.

2. Find things to look forward to throughout the day

Before you simply go and start off your day, it’s important to ask yourself a few important things that you can look forward to, throughout the day. Is it a break outside? Is it brisk walking for 15 minutes? Is it gossiping with a co-worker? It is doing something creative and cool?

It’s important to train your brain for the next coming day and the small moments throughout the day that it can look forward to. By doing this, it helps to begin to light up your mind’s anticipation reward as well as the circuitry of it.

3. Avoid distractions and daydreaming that gages you

Are you looking for how to make your time go by faster at the workplace? Most of the time when we are looking to move time faster, we are more focused on what we would be doing instead of what we are supposed to do. Simply avoid any distractions at work.

This practice is outdated and leads to non-productivity and inefficiency. You must try your best and focus on the task at hand to complete it and make fundamental progress.

As you are working on the project more and more, time keeps passing by, and right before you know it, the work day will be over. So, the key to achieving more productivity is simply being more productive.

4. Search for a productive hobby


You can make time move faster at the workplace by looking for an activity that would enhance your skill set and what you have to offer if you have additional time. Such as, you can sign up for any online course, learn a new language, learn more about the history of your country, learn a new software skill, etc.

These are some of the top ways to make time go by faster at the workplace as it involves improving your current skill set and could help you get promoted at the workplace. By passing the time and doing this activity, you would technically kill two birds with one stone.

5. Listen to some music or a podcast

Listening to podcasts or music is one of the best ways to make time go by faster – if your workplace is where listening to music is allowed and nobody will call you every two minutes. You can simply listen to relaxing music between your tasks, so your brain can relax a bit before the next task.

You can listen to some music or a favorite podcast that engages you, as long as it relaxes you and does not distract you from achieving your daily tasks. Experts mention that you can simply start with slower songs and music in the morning when you have the energy and then move to upbeat music as the day moves on to keep you motivated.

6. Learn to change your environment

You can make time fly at the workplace by getting inspiration from a change in environment. You could be looking forward to the time going faster because the environment is quite uninspiring and you might not even know about it. You could also be stuck in a place where the time is not moving fast enough as it has a big clock in the middle of the room.

You can also speed up the time by going to some other part of the office, such as the library, the pantry, the common room, or any other cubicle if possible. The new inspiration of the environment can push you to work without trying about the time. You can both be productive and pass the time simultaneously.

7. Make your working area comfortable and organized


When we are physically uncomfortable at the workplace, it is expected that we usually look forward to the day ending. Another perspective is how to make time pass at work, thus, try to make your work area much more comfortable. If you can, get an ergonomic chair to support your back; however, if you cannot, you can practice sitting with the correct posture to reduce back pain.

You must also adjust your chair towards a table length that supports your hands and elbows, ensuring that the working environment is organized. As per research, any organized environment inspires more work than a disorganized one.

8. Take initiative

Sitting and twiddling your fingers won’t help make the time pass by any quicker. Go take a risk, and talk to your co-workers or your boss to find out what you can simply do to feel more valued and more associated.

You need to be sure that you haven’t misunderstood any tasks that have been requested of you by the employer. Instead of getting lost in a work spiral, it is best to remain proactive and take the initiative. Ask yourself everything you can do to improve your work and be more helpful towards others and hence, productive.

9. Update yourself

The best lesson is how to make an hour go by fast at the workplace and update yourself as soon as you get there. Get right over the internet or get a newspaper and find out what has been going on in the world. You can also find out about the developments in your industry and what might interest you.

As long as anyone of the updating-yourself doesn’t get in the way of your actual work routine, it is the best way to begin the day and pass the time effectively and properly.

10. Invest in a collaborative task management tool


Last but not least, invest in a to-do list and a collaborative tool as a medium of saving time. Instead of keeping everything organized and noted the conventional way, it’s best to invest in a collaboration tool and manage all your task from a single place.

Collaboration tools help keep everything updated, track progress, connect with team members, manage to-do lists, and a lot more. You can save plenty of time at hand and be much more productive with software such as nTask.

Closing remarks

Daily work can get super tedious and daunting sometimes, and you can simply not wait for them to end. However, you can engage yourself in activities to get the time move by quickly and be much more productive. We have discussed some tips and strategies to apply and beat the time game for yourself!

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