How to Get Motivated to Work With Efficiency?

get motivated to work

Everyone at some point or the other has felt that they just don’t know how to get motivated to work.

Maybe you just have too much to do, or you are exhausted, or maybe you just need to change things up a bit.

But how do you get motivated to do work on days when it just doesn’t feel possible?

And apart from how to get motivated, why aren’t you motivated?

Here Are the Best Ways On How to Get Motivated to Work:

We have listed common reasons for lack of motivation and how you can get motivated to work.

1. You Are Just Too Busy!

too busy - how to get motivated to work

Do you find yourself bogged down with a to-do list as long as your arm?

Having loads to do, in today’s work culture may seem like the right thing. The fact that people come to you and assign you work means that they trust you can handle it. It also means that you are a valued member of the company, right?

However, while this load on your head may be a boost in your ego, it also may be leading to burnout.

Burnout is when a person is in a state of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. You may not be addressing it, but these constant demands may be making you feel emotionally drained and overwhelmed.

There is a chance you are in over your head with all these tasks to do, and no motivation to get them done.

So, How Do You Fix This Issue?

Firstly, you must learn to prioritize. Know your stuff. Determine what needs your attention there and then. And which items on your to-do list can either be put off for a less busy day or can be delegated to someone else just as capable.

Prioritization does not just mean prioritizing what is already on your plate. Make sure that when you are taking on tasks, those tasks are yours to do.

Make an effort to say “no” when it is due. This will not make you seem mean or incompetent. In fact, there is a chance this will allow you to avoid being seen as the office pushover.

Your responsibilities are yours, and that is clear enough for one person to manage. You are under no obligation to take on other people’s responsibilities just to be nice. You need to be nice to yourself and make sure you do not do that.

If you feel like you are already ensuring that doesn’t happen but you still have an overloaded schedule it may benefit you to speak to your supervisor. Talking to your supervisor allows you to try and find solutions to these problems.

Your overloaded schedule may be so because it is time for your company to hire a new employee to help with your workload.

2. You Are all Sorts of Exhausted

too exhausted - how to get motivated to work

Let’s talk about emotional exhaustion. Feeling that you are emotionally exhausted can be an indication that you are burnt out at work.

Here are common signs of emotional exhaustion:

  • You have negative feelings. You may be feeling frustrated and irritated at your job. These feelings can be directed at any part of your job, whether it be the work itself, or the coworkers.
  • You feel pressured and feel that you do not have enough time. Things at work may be piling up adding to your pressure to get them all done but there’s not enough time to complete anything.
  • The negative feelings are resulting in negative thoughts.
  • You may start to see that your relationships are becoming strained. These negative feelings and thoughts may result in having strained relationships at work.

Identifying that you are emotionally exhausted is important. Not only can this greatly affect your work, as you are more likely to make mistakes or just simply lack the motivation to get the work done, this also affects your mental wellbeing.

Feeling that you are doing something important and the work you create matters can have a major impact on your motivation.

It also is important to have a good connection with your coworkers. After all, you spend the majority of your day with these people, and feeling isolated can be draining and a motivation killer.

Your emotional needs have an impact on your motivation level.

Apart from emotional exhaustion, you may just be mentally and physically exhausted. Getting work done and being motivated to do it can be difficult if not impossible if you just don’t have the energy to do it.

How to Regain Your Energy Levels Fast?

Whether this is emotional, mental, or physical exhaustion you are facing, the first way to combat it is to simply take a break.

Make it a point to ensure you incorporate breaks into your schedule. And make sure you make the most of these.

If you take a longer lunch break why not step out of the office and go for a walk. A change of scenery can do wonders to boost motivation. Even if you are just eating lunch make sure that you do not sit at your desk and do so.

You may just need to catch a good night’s sleep. Harvard conducted a study about sleep and motivation. They said, “Being chronically tired to the point of fatigue or exhaustion means that we are less likely to perform well.”

A way you can make sure you get enough rest both physically and mentally is by ensuring you have a set quitting time. Smarter working hours are better than longing working hours. Make sure you know when you need to leave your work and get some socializing in.

Also, make sure to take time to connect with your coworkers to ensure you do not feel isolated or frustrated. It’s great to have those connections where you can ask for help. Asking for help is not a weakness.

Moreover, if you feel too drained and are starting to notice signs that are concerning, speak to a supervisor. It is better to address issues earlier than waiting for something major to happen. Your mental health and wellbeing are just as important as your work.

3. You Are Not Celebrating Your Wins

celebrate wins - how to get motivated to work

The feeling of being unappreciated can contribute to your lack of motivation. It becomes hard to stay on top of things and be motivated to put in your best effort if there is no reward in sight.

Without celebrating the day to day wins there is a chance you will be stuck in a rut. Waiting for that big payoff although makes sense does not help to be motivated to work on the daily small tasks that need to be done.

How Do You Change This?

You need to realize how gratifying it can feel to acknowledge the small achievements and advancements.

Make sure that you give yourself credit where credit is due.

Even the simple act of crossing off or ticking an item on a to-do list can have that triumphant feeling and can get you motivated to do the next task.

Allow yourself mini rewards for getting things done, whether that be taking a five-minute break after you complete a task. Or maybe you will snack on a candy bar when you are done with an item on your to-do list.

As Teresa Amabile said, “Track your small wins to motivate big accomplishments.”

4. The Starting Point Is Unclear

clear starting point

You may find you don’t know how to get motivated to do work because you simply don’t know how to start your tasks.

Once you get into a big task or project, you get into the swing of things and it becomes much less daunting. However, how do you get the ball rolling in the first place?

Thinking you need to start a big project can be a motivation killer and can get you to procrastinate.

There may be barriers that are hindering you from starting your work, or there may be confusion as to the task at hand which is resulting in a lack of motivation.

How to Get a Dose of Motivation?

It always helps any project or task to be organized. You could look into different organizational tools to help you get your project on track.

Make a to-do list or brainstorm your project. Laying out all your thoughts and tasks that need to get done will allow you to get into a specific headspace, to begin your work.

Moreover, try and create a routine. A routine will help in your workday and will allow you to build momentum.

Building a consistent routine can allow you to achieve a state of flow at work. This allows you to get motivated into doing work more easily.

Are You Feeling Motivated Yet?

Now that we have laid out common reasons why you may not be able to get motivated, take time to reflect on what issues you are facing.

Knowing what is killing your motivation is the first step in gaining it back. Pinpointing the exact issues will allow you to think of solutions to your problems more easily, and which are more effective.

Take our tips into consideration and you will get your motivation back in no time. Getting out of a slump is just as easy as getting into it.

Give yourself some time and your work will be back on track very soon.



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