11 Best Replicon Alternatives In 2023

Replicon is a well-known corporate software solution that helps large businesses keep close tabs on staff productivity and efficiency.

The cloud-based software delivers features with various products covering various challenges to assist business owners and managers in effectively managing their staff.

Businesses are looking for Replicon alternatives because of its high cost per user and the need to buy several application packages.

These alternatives provide similar data and reporting features at cheaper rates and more enticing packages.

What is Replicon?

replicon alternatives

Replicon is a cloud-based enterprise software offering time tracking, project management, and resource management.

The software assists businesses in increasing efficiency, decreasing expenses, and enhancing productivity.

Replicon’s Main Features

  • Time and expenditure recording:

The time-tracking component of Replicon enables organizations to monitor employee time, attendance, and overtime, while the expense-tracking feature assists with monitoring employee spending and reimbursements.

  • Project and task management:

The project management component of Replicon allows organizations to effectively manage project timetables, track progress, and assign resources.

  • Resource management:

The resource management component of Replicon enables organizations to manage personnel calendars and availability, as well as improve resource allocation.

  • Invoicing and billing:

The billing and invoicing feature of Replicon enables organizations to create and maintain accurate bills based on time and expense data, as well as to monitor payments.

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  • Compliance management:

The compliance management component of Replicon enables firms to adhere to labor laws, industry standards, and internal policies.

Pricing & Plans

Replicon has multiple pricing tiers, each with distinct features and capabilities. Voici some of their price options:

  • TimeAttend:

This package focuses on managing time and attendance and begins at $6 per user each month.


Tracking of time and attendance, mobile application, tracking of time off, reporting and analytics, and more.

  • TimeBill:

This package starts at $12 per user per month and includes time and cost tracking, project management, billing, and invoicing.


In addition to time and expenditure tracking, project and task management, invoicing and billing, and a mobile app, this solution also includes time and expense tracking, project and task management, and invoicing and billing

  • TimeCost:

This package costs $16 per user per month and includes time and expenditure monitoring, project management, and resource management.


Time and expense tracking, project and task management, resource management, and a mobile application, among other features, are offered by this service.

  • Compliance:

This package starts at $22 per user per month and includes time and cost monitoring, project management, resource management, and compliance management.


Time and expense monitoring, project and task management, resource management, compliance management, and a mobile application are just a few of the services offered.

Additionally, Replicon offers a free trial of its software, allowing organizations to evaluate its features and functionality before committing to a plan.

The 11 Best Replicon Alternatives, their Features, and Pricing Plans

1. nTask

nTask Do it Right New Home

Popular project management software nTask is considered one of the best Replicon alternatives.

It includes several features that set it different from other project management software, and its low price makes it accessible to enterprises of all kinds.

Here are some of nTask’s distinctive features and price options:

  • Task Management:

Users can create, assign, and prioritize tasks using nTask’s comprehensive task management system.

Adding due dates, descriptions, and attachments to tasks makes it easier for users to manage their to-do lists.

  • Time Tracking:

The built-in timer in nTask allows users to track the amount of time spent on specific activities and projects.

The time tracking feature is vital for firms seeking to increase their productivity and efficiency, as it reveals where the employees are spending their time and where there is a gap for changes.

  • Meeting Management:

nTask contains tools that facilitate the scheduling, execution, and documentation of meetings.

The meeting management feature is handy for distributed teams because it enables team members to cooperate and communicate effectively regardless of location.

  • Risk Management:

nTask incorporates tools that allow users to detect, evaluate, and manage project risks.

It is crucial for organizations operating in high-risk locations or industries since it ensures projects are completed on schedule and under budget while limiting the impact of unforeseen events.

  • Gantt Chart:

nTask provides customers with a visual depiction of project schedules and dependencies using Gantt charts. 

Gantt Chart identifies possible project lifecycle bottlenecks and delays, allowing firms to manage projects more effectively and efficiently.

  • Issue Tracking:

nTask’s issue-tracking and resolution capabilities allow users to identify, prioritize, and handle issues as they arise.

This capability is valuable for organizations working on complex projects with various stakeholders.

  • Collaboration:

nTask enables team members to collaborate on tasks and projects through collaborative tools.

Users can easily keep everyone on the same page by adding comments, tagging team members, and sharing files.

  • Customization:

With various options for modifying task fields, statuses, and processes, nTask is highly configurable.

Customization allows organizations to customize the tool to their specifications, ensuring it fulfills their specific demands.

  • Reporting:

nTask features a variety of reporting capabilities that entitle users to generate reports on task advancement, time spent, and project milestones.

The reporting feature is significant for organizations seeking to analyze project performance and identify areas for improvement.

Pricing Plans

  • Free/7-Day Trial Plan:

Task management, timesheets, and meeting management are included in the free plan.

  • Premium Plan:

The premium plan provides additional capabilities such as team management, time tracking, and project templates and costs $3 per user each month.

  • Business Plan:

The business plan contains sophisticated capabilities such as risk management, issue tracking, and Gantt charts and costs $8 per user each month.

  • Enterprise Plan:

The enterprise plan is a customizable plan designed to fulfill the unique requirements of larger enterprises.

It contains advanced features like custom integrations and specialized support.

This plan’s cost is available upon request.

2. Toggl Track

Toggl Track

In the commercial world, time is one of the most valuable resources, and Toggl Track is aware of this.

The software monitors time easily spent on specific projects, clients, and tasks; that’s why it can be the best option as a replicon alternative.

Toggl Track’s intuitive design and quick installation make it the go-to time-tracking app for individuals who need a no-frills method that does the job.


  • AI-based time monitoring
  • Automatic suggestions for time entry
  • project management and billing capabilities
  • Team management capabilities

Pricing & Plans

  • Free plan for up to five users; premium options beginning at $10 per month per user

3. Harvest


You may save both time and money by using Harvest. Users may create invoices based on their time-tracking data, keep track of their projects with calendars and to-do lists, and pay for their services based on their actual time.

It helps you keep tabs on all aspects of your company with features like spending tracking and project management.


  • Rates per hour for team members and projects
  • Expense monitoring
  • Time and expenditure accounting
  • Mobile application with receipt capture

Pricing & Plans

  • $12 per user per month for the basic plan, with configurable pricing for enterprise plans

4. Clockify


Clockify changes the rules in a world where time equals money. Users can easily keep tabs on how much time they devote to various chores and projects with the help of this no-cost program.

Clockify, as one of the best replicon alternatives, simplifies time tracking and project management for businesses with its team management features, project tracking, and device integrations.


  • “Timeline” breakdown of the workday
  • Time monitoring prompts and idle detection
  • User privileges and roles
  • Integration with more than fifty tools

Pricing & Plans

  • Free plan with limited features; premium plans beginning at $9.99 per user each month

5. TimeCamp


TimeCamp is an all-inclusive solution and a good Replicon alternative for managing your business, not just a time-tracking application.

With this time tracking software’s team management, invoicing, and project management tools, users can keep tabs on how much time they spend on different projects, clients, and activities.

TimeCamp makes it simple for organizations to monitor and record their employees’ time on various tasks.


  • “Distraction analysis” to assist in the identification of distractions
  • Client and project cost estimation
  • offline time monitoring
  • Automatic bill generation

Pricing & Plans

  • $7 per person per month for the standard plan, with configurable pricing for enterprise plans

6. Hubstaff

Hubstaff team management

Hubstaff understands that productivity is the driving force behind all achievements.

Hubstaff not only lets users keep tabs on how much time they spend on various tasks, projects, and clients, but it also facilitates team management, project management, and staff monitoring.

Utilizing Hubstaff’s analytics and insights, organizations can increase productivity and achieve new heights of success.


  • GPS monitoring for distant employees
  • Performance monitoring
  • Billing and invoicing functions
  • Screen capture and activity monitoring

Pricing & Plans

  • $7 per person per month for the standard plan, with configurable pricing for enterprise plans

7. DeskTime


DeskTime is a valuable tool for time tracking of different projects.

In addition to time tracking of various activities, projects, and tasks, this time search and productivity monitoring tool also keeps tabs on time spent in multiple apps and websites, as well as provides tools for managing groups of people and planning out specific tasks.

Organization, focus, and productivity are all improved with DeskTime’s assistance.


  • “Private time” function for individual privacy
  • Productivity evaluation
  • Automatic project time tracking
  • Time and attendance administration

Pricing & Plans

  • $7 per person per month for the standard plan, with configurable pricing for enterprise plans

8. Wrike

wrike project management

Wrike simplifies the complex task of managing multiple projects at once.

Time monitoring, budget management, and the ability to collaborate on projects are features offered by this project management platform.

Companies can save time and effort on project management and keep teams on track using Wrike. So it can be one of the best replicon alternatives.


  • “Verification and approval” functions for content evaluation
  • Visual project and task timetable
  • Budget monitoring and accounting
  • Time monitoring and accounting

Pricing & Plans

  • $9.80 per user per month for the business plan;
  • Customized price for business plans

9. Asana


Asana is the best solution if you need a comprehensive tool for managing your projects.

With its time tracking, team management, and collaboration features, this platform makes it easy for users to keep track of their work and that of their teams.

Asana helps companies maintain a state of efficiency and productivity.


  • Customized data fields for projects and tasks
  • Reporting and tracking of milestones
  • Portfolio management
  • Integration with over one hundred tools

Pricing & Plans

  • $10.99 per month per user for the premium plan;
  • Customized price for business plans

10. monday.com


monday.com makes it easy to keep tabs on multiple teams and projects.

In addition to time tracking, team administration, and automated workflows, this project management solution allows users to manage projects, tasks, and groups easily.

Corporations can maintain productivity and get more done with the help of monday.com.


  • Automation and workflow customization
  • Time tracking dashboard for strategic perspective
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Integration with prevalent software

Pricing & Plans

  • $8 per person per month for the standard plan, with configurable pricing for enterprise plans

11. ClickUp

ClickUp App

When managing projects, organizations of any size can benefit from ClickUp.

With this program, users can keep track of their time, organize their teams, and streamline their processes all in one place.

Companies may streamline their project management procedures and keep their employees on track with the help of ClickUp.


  • “Pulse” view for project overview at a high level
  • Multiple perspectives and adaptable templates
  • Advanced timekeeping capabilities
  • Collaborative and communication capabilities

Pricing & Plans

  • $5 per person per month for the unlimited plan; the price is customized for enterprise plans


It’s not hard to find high-quality alternatives for Replicon that are just as powerful and feature-rich.

Businesses may manage projects, monitor staff productivity, and boost efficiency with the help of any of the available options, each of which has its own distinct set of advantages, price structures, and features.

These Replicon alternatives give businesses more leeway in selecting a project management solution that suits their demands in terms of cost, resources, and functionality.

Ultimately, the success or failure of a company’s project management depends on the quality of the tools it uses, so it’s crucial to weigh the available options and select the best fit.

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