10 Best Free Brainstorming Tools For Entrepreneurs

Brainstorming tools

Great brainstorming tools can be the difference between implementing great ideas or missed opportunities. Number 7’s our favorite of the best free brainstorming tools; here’s why!

Brainstorming is essential to almost every other individual these days. Especially when it comes to harnessing productivity in entrepreneurs these days, the importance of brainstorming can never be over-emphasized.

Therefore, having great brainstorming tools at your disposal is vital.

With everything online nowadays, sitting with a pen and paper sometimes just doesn’t cut it. Hence, having a bunch of great brainstorming tools at your fingertips can allow you to access your great ideas on the go and have them present whenever needed. Plus, you just never know when inspiration will strike.

Brainstorming activity allows you to generate ideas that may have otherwise been overlooked and lets you grasp your business while considering its problems and issues. This, in turn, enables you to come up with solutions to why your business is not performing to its utmost.

Why Using Online Brainstorming Tools Is Important in 2024?

Brainstorming can be approached both formally and informally. Brainstorming is important in all stages of a business. During the formation stages of a business, brainstorming allows the generation of ideas. However, even while your business is underway, brainstorming can be used for problem-solving.

For continued success, entrepreneurs must always be on their toes, coming up with innovative ideas to stay ahead of the game.

Moreover, involving your team will additionally create and promote a culture where everyone is working towards the success of the business.

Entrepreneurs can be viewed as “idea filters.” And if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to take in ideas and information. You need to brainstorm vigorously, collaborate with others, and decide what will work and what won’t.

Brainstorming is the nexus of ideas” – Asa Don Brown

Here is a list of great online brainstorming tools to reap all the benefits of a good brainstorming session.

1. IdeaBoardz


IdeaBoardz is a teamwork tool that allows collective brainstorming. Using IdeaBoardz allows for members of a team to combine inputs and ideas in one centralized location online.

Created in the whiteboard format with sticky notes, IdeaBoardz allows different members to add post-it notes with their ideas to a collaborative board.

The tool allows you to log in, enabling access to previously viewed boards but does not require an account to use the tool.

IdeaBoardz is a great team brainstorming tool and allows for easy sharing through its URL and the option to export the board as a PDF.

2. Google Documents

Google Documents

Almost every working environment uses Google Docs; therefore, it is a great tool for brainstorming.

Google Documents is far greater in its recourses than many people know. This free mind mapping platform has a simple brainstorming tool.

All you need to do to get your brainstorming underway with Google Documents is to create a new document. Ensure that when you share it with your team members, they are permitted to edit the document.

Now all you have to do is let the creative juices run and write it down for the team to see. Not only can you write your own ideas like this, but you can also comment and amend those written by other members to brainstorm as a team.

3. Coggle

Coggle - Brainstorming tools

Coggle is a tool that allows you to create collaborative mind maps and flow charts. The good thing about using Coggle is it gives you a better visual of your mind mapping with the way it creates branches while you brainstorm.

Coggle allows you to easily share the mind maps or flow charts you create and invite other members to collaborate on a mind map with you.

Some of the features Coggle provides are:

  • Realtime collaboration
  • Changes you make to a map shared with others will instantly show up in their browser
  • Unlimited image uploads
  • Creating flexible diagrams with loops and joining branches
  • You can create multiple starting points to your diagrams
  • Add floating texts and images to annotate your map

For free, Coggle allows for 3 private diagrams and unlimited public diagrams. There are options to upgrade costing $5 and $8 a month, with some added features being made available.

All you need to do is log in and start creating and brainstorming.

4. WiseMapping

WiseMapping - Brainstorming tools

WiseMapping is a web tool for mind mapping and brainstorming. WiseMapping allows you to use the tool online or install it on your device.

WiseMapping is free for both individuals as well as business users. It allows for solo brainstorming and provides the option to collaborate or share your mind map with your team.

Features of WiseMapping include:

  • Customizable font
  • Customizable colors
  • Easy export of maps you create
  • Allows for mind maps to be embedded from the tool to your blog
  • It allows you to add icons.

5. Nuclino


Nuclino is a unified collaboration and brainstorming tool for teams. You can create collaborative documents to capture your ideas, link them together, and organize them visually in an interconnected graph, a nested list, a Kanban board, or a table. This allows you to build a network of related concepts and ideas, creating a rich environment for collaborative brainstorming.

Every Nuclino item can contain a variety of content relevant to your ideation process, including text, images, and embedded files, so you can create mood boards, add interactive mockups, embed charts and mind maps, and more. You can collaborate with your team in real-time or exchange asynchronous feedback using comments.

Moreover, Nuclino comes with an AI-powered assistant called Sidekick. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate unique ideas instantly based on your input. This can be incredibly helpful during brainstorming sessions, as it allows users to generate new ideas quickly and easily.

6. Freeplane

Freeplane - brainstorming tools

Freeplane is an open-source software application that allows brainstorming and mind mapping.

Freeplane offers different ways to mind map your brainstorming. With customizable branches and dialogue boxes. You can brainstorm, analyze, organize, and filter how you wish. Freeplane offers the option to write post-it style notes and leave it as such or connect your thoughts with different branch options.

Freeplane also offers the option to task with calendars and reminders.

Moreover, with encryptions enabled, you can password-protect your mind maps. Presenting your brainstorming is also made easy with in-built styles.

7. MindMup

Mindmup - brainstorming tools

MindMup claims to allow you to focus on your ideas without distraction by using their mind mapping to capture your ideas.

MindMup is free and allows you to save your mind maps by storing them on the cloud. You can access them later at any time through any device.

MindMup has in-built keyboard shortcuts that allow for you to jot down your ideas faster.

Moreover, the application is good for individual brainstorming, collaborations, or teamwork. You are provided the option to publish and share your maps online but also to convert your maps to other software that you choose, including PDF and PowerPoint.

MindMup offers an unlimited number of maps for free but also has upgradable options up to $100, which provides more advanced features.

8. Mindomo

Mindomo - brainstorming tools

The Mindomo brainstorming tool claims to allow you to reach your goals by visually mapping your ideas and plans.

Mindomo allows you to brainstorm individually or, if you so choose to collaborate with team members.

Mindomo can be used for strategic planning to help you to compile, share, and organize ideas in one visual picture.

Moreover, you can use Mindomo for business planning, allowing you to see the structure or processes of your business at a glance.

Furthermore, mind mapping with Mindomo can provide great planning opportunities. Whether that be to plan an event or a meeting. Perhaps even used to jot down minutes of a meeting.

9. Mind Vector

Mind Vector - Brainstorming tools

Previously only available for android, Mind Vector has branched out and has become available for use on iOS devices and the web.

Being available on your mobile device makes Mind Vector a great online brainstorming tool. Ideas often strike in the random places, and having Mind Vector on your phone will allow you to keep your ideas in one place that you can revert to even while you are on the go.

With the software being online, you have the option to save your brainstorming masterpiece by uploading it to the cloud, thus making it easy to share with your team members.

Mind Vector, although free, is limited by 3 mind maps when you register. There is an option to upgrade to unlimited mind maps for $9.99.

10. Mindly

Mindly app - brainstorming tools

Mindly does not require too much typing, adjusting, or formatting, allowing you to focus on your ideas.

Previously only available for iPhone and iPad, Mindly has progressed and branched out, now being available for Android phones and now all iOS devices.

Mindly efficiently organizes your thoughts. The tool allows you to create color themes and visual clipboards.

Moreover, you can export Mindly into PDF and print and share your mind maps. Mindly provides offline access and also iCloud and Dropbox synchronizing options.

In addition to the aforementioned platforms, you can also use MindMeister as another reliable software. It’s a one-of-a-kind online brainstorming tool with great potential for creating flow charts and high-scale mind-mapping plans.

Idea generation is about quantity, not quality. Multiplication, not subtraction. Editing comes later. The goal of brainstorming is to walk out with buckets of ideas, not one precious idea perched on a window” – Sam Harrison

So, why not get those creative juices running? Get down to a gold old-fashioned brainstorming session and check out some of these awesome brainstorming tools.



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