Best File Sharing Apps for Startups in 2023

best file sharing apps

Every type of organization requires the ability to share and collaborate on the same information to get things done, and that is where file-sharing apps come into play.

Without the perfect file sharing apps, this sharing and collaborating often becomes a hassle with the time required and the risk of leaking information attached to it.

That is why we have curated this list of our top picks for file sharing apps so you can make an informed decision about which software will meet your needs.

So, without further ado, here is our list for the 14 top file sharing apps for startups in 2023:

1. nTask


When thinking of file sharing apps, nTask first comes to mind. The software provides a single platform that helps run all your tasks and projects and is an all-inclusive project management tool.

The software also allows for stress-free online collaboration with file-sharing capabilities and is specifically tailored to your needs in mind.

With nTask, a project manager’s responsibilities and activities are seamlessly incorporated, making your life all that much easier.

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  • Share files and manage documents with nTask.

    Manage all your tasks, projects, meetings, timesheets and more in one place. Sign up today!


  • Schedule your projects, tasks, meetings, timesheets and more
    • Link meetings to a particular task
    • Develop clear meeting agendas to keep it precise and effective
    • Add time to your team meetings and communicate with the meeting participants to get them on one page
    • Create meetings and repeat them based on a pre-defined time interval without any hassle of scheduling again
  • Invite your team or other attendees for easy meeting management
    • Invite as many people as you want from your workspace to meetings through personalized email invites
    • Sync meetings with your calendar
  • Collaborate with your team on projects, tasks, timesheets, issues and more
    • Jot down all the key discussion points during a meeting
    • Easily decide the follow-up actions that need to be taken along with a date which you need them done by
    • Final decisions can also be added to your nTask meetings
  • Track everything in your workspaces and manage your team without much effort
    • Convert follow-ups to tasks
    • Share minutes of your meeting with all the attendees
    • Publish meetings
  • nTask allows you to easily plan your projects, tasks, timesheets, etc.
    • Systematically create and manage to-do lists
    • Identify dependencies with nTask and highlight them accordingly
    • Set start and end dates for any particular task
  • Have the ability to easily assign tasks to your team and collaborate in real-time
    • nTask allows you to assign multiple assignees allowing quicker task allocation
    • Collaboration features allow you to easily collaborate with your team in real-time
    • Options available to attach files to your tasks
  • Keep track of all your task activities and updates
    • Track task progress with nTask’s robust progress reports
    • Customize the status of tasks to keep everyone in the loop
    • Segregate your tasks into respective categories and add labels and filters for clarity
  • nTask provides visualization features allowing you to visualize your progress
    • Gantt charts allow you to schedule and track project performance
    • nTask’s calendar allows you to plan your events
  • nTask allows for planning and budgeting
    • Options to track non-billable resources, initiatives and tasks within your project allow you to optimize your operations
    • flexible provisions are available for T&M costs
    • you can set up reminders to be sent right to your inbox for when projects are nearing project depletion.
  • nTask allows for tracking of your projects, timesheets, meetings, etc all in one place
    • Automatic web timers allow you to set recurring tasks
    • The nTask mobile app allows you to track more effectively and stay updated even on the go
    • There are also options to update time entries manually to allow you to time track according to your needs.
  • Reporting options
    • One-click timesheet report submissions are available allowing teams to submit timesheets to managers and allowing remote teams to simplify this task
    • Team members can manually send timesheets for approval allowing you to avoid any potential bottlenecks
    • Team members also have the option to correct any errors in the times reported by withdrawing the sent timesheets
  • Your timesheets and tools are all integrated and sharable through nTask.
  • Plan your entire project with nTask
    • Set a total budget for your project and log billable hours
    • Resource allocation
    • Easily assign a project manager
    • Assign distinct roles to each team member


  • Basic plan for free
    • Issues tracking
    • Timesheets
    • Meetings
    • Unlimited tasks
    • Unlimited workspaces
    • Limit of 5 members per team
    • 100 MB storage
  • Premium $3 per month
    • Everything provided in the basic plan, plus
    • 5 GB storage
    • Projects
    • Gantt
    • Bulk Actions
    • Custom filters
  • Business plan for $8 per month
    • Everything provided in the premium plan, plus
    • 10 GB storage
    • Save custom filters
    • Risk management
    • Custom roles and permissions
  • Enterprise plan customizable plan
    • Everything in business, plus
    • Custom onboarding
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Dedicated cloud

2. Dropbox


Dropbox is a cloud-based tool designed to help businesses with file sharing. The platform is popular among many as a leading file sharing and file storage system.

Dropbox allows its users both individually and as teams, to access files on secure servers from their own devices, wherever they may be.


  • Ability to store your files in a single space and access them from anywhere
  • Any changes to files or documents will sync across your accounts
  • Create and edit work directly in your Dropbox
  • Smart content suggestions allow you to easily jump back into files you need
  • Plan meetings with calendar integration
  • Starred folders allow you to highlight folders you use most often
  • Get notified of progress updates and other activities on your files
  • Integrate other tools to Dropbox


  • There are plans available for individuals and teams
  • Standard plan for teams for $12.50 per user per month
  • Advanced plan for teams for $20 per user per month

3. OneDrive


OneDrive is another file storage software, that creates a platform allowing your team to work together and share information from their respective devices, making collaboration easy.

The software provides the ability for you to organize all your work and information in a single platform and control your project and workflow.


  • Options to access, share and edit files from all your devices
  • Creates backups and protects files that are uploaded
  • Share files and collaborate in real-time
  • Large storage space available for all your storage needs


  • Plan 1 at $5 per user per month
  • Plan 2 $10 per user per month
  • Microsoft 365 Business basic plan $5 per user per month
  • Microsoft 365 Business standard plan $12.50 per user per month

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4. Google Drive

Google Drive

Developed by Google, Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service and is perfect for remote teams.

Popular among many as the go-to cloud storage service, Google Drive provides its users the facility to upload photos, files and documents into the drive and then access these from any device.

Moreover, Google Drive also offers applications with offline abilities for your devices. With the software, you can incorporate Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, all of which are part of the Office Suite.

The files created and edited in the software can be uploaded and saved to Google Drive from any device and then can be accessed by your team members from their own devices.


  • Google Drive integrates with cloud-native apps allowing you to collaborate effectively in real-time with your team
  • Google Drive also integrates with other software to allow you to integrate the tools already in use with Drive for easy workflow
  • Search capabilities cut time drastically allowing you to find your files faster without sifting through loads of documents
  • Video conferencing ability


  • G Suite Essentials plan is $10 per user per month
  • G Suite Enterprise Essentials plan is $20 per user per month
  • Currently, Google Drive is offering the plans for free through till September 30, 2020

5. Box


Box is basically a file-sharing software solution. The software is cloud-based file storage aimed at helping teams to store and share files, and have easy access to them from a centralized platform.

Box allows you to access the stored files or share files from any device making it ideal for remote teams and teams located in different locations.


  • Gives teams one platform to securely communicate and collaborate on tasks
  • Access and work with files all stored in Box from any device
  • Automate processes freeing up your time for other focus areas
  • Take notes in meetings, review and collaborate on project plans in real-time
  • Integrate with other software in use


  • Starter plan for $7 per month per user
  • Business plan for $20 per month per user
  • Business plus plan for $33 per month per user
  • Enterprise plan for $47 per month per user

6. FileCloud


FileCloud is a web-based software solution for file sharing. The software provides you the option to save and share files on a self-hosted server or a web-based platform.

Moreover, FileCloud backs all your data so you can easily collaborate with others by giving them access to space specifically created for this purpose.


  • Ability to send large files
  • Secure web-based file sharing
  • User-friendly application for file transfer
  • Multiple permission levels allow you to create appropriate access levels for different levels of employees in your workspace
  • Alerts for time-sensitive uploads
  • Option to brand your FileCloud with your company logo


  • Level 1 plan for $129 per month for 5 user accounts
  • Level 2 plan for $199 per month for 10 user accounts
  • Level 3 plan for $279 per month for up to 25 user accounts

7. ShareFile


ShareFile is another secure file transfer software suite.

The software’s interface is user-friendly and easy to understand, offering an array of advanced sharing features.

ShareFile aims at being the go-to file sharing option, offering both individual and professional file sharing options and capabilities able to cater to all size businesses.


  • Store, send and sync files without restrictions
  • Connect to your content, with a secure point of access to all your data from any device
  • Ability to collaborate with customizable workflows and Office 365 integration
  • Options to encrypt emails
  • Legally binding e-signatures


  • Standard plan for $50 per month for 5 users, and a supplementary $9.90 for each additional user
  • Advanced plan for $77 per month for 5 users, and a supplementary $15.30 for each additional user
  • Premium plan for $122 per month for 5 users, and a supplementary $24.30 per additional user
  • Virtual data room for $338 per month with advanced security, sharing, and control for sensitive data

8. Synology Drive

Synology Drive

Now known as simply Synology is a tool aimed to sync files between your computer and Synology NAS.

The software allows for your important files and documents to be available from any location.


  • Seamless syncing and backups
  • Access and share files wherever you are
  • Collaborate on documents in real-time
  • Streamline cross-office file sharing


  • For pricing, contact Synology on their website.

9. Slack


Slack focuses on teamwork through an effective understanding of the workplace.

Slack aims to help the collaboration of teams with a centralized platform so that all communication and file-sharing can take place flawlessly and easily.


  • Channels allow for users to remain organized and focus on the work at hand by providing a centralized space for communication, file sharing and such
  • Shared channels allow for team collaboration whether that be within your company or collaboration with those of another company
  • Communicate better with your entire team with messaging and have the option to make these conversations private.
  • Receive important updates, discuss them, and then go on to take necessary action all in one platform.
  • Workflow builder allows for you to automate routine communication and actions freeing up your time to focus on other tasks


  • Standard plan for $8 per person per month
  • Plus plan for $15 per person per month
  • Enterprise grid plan for the customizable option

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10. Internxt


Internxt is a fully encrypted, open-source cloud storage service designed to keep user data safe and sound, well out of reach of hackers and data collectors. 

All files uploaded to Internxt’s cloud are end-to-end encrypted and scattered across a distributed network which ultimately means not even Internxt can access your team’s data! Internxt is perfect for companies concerned with sending files safely thanks to password-protected and encrypted sharing links with enabled share limits. 

A modern, ethical, and more secure cloud alternative to Big Tech services, Internxt is exceptionally private, making it the number one option for startups working with sensitive information and confidential files. 


  • No unauthorized access to user information
  • All data uploaded, stored, and shared is end-to-end encrypted
  • Built-in redundancy on a unique distributed network
  • 100% Open-source and independently verifiable Git-Hub
  • Password-protected links allow users to limit how many times files are shared
  • Simple scheduled automatic backups 
  • Fast transfer speeds and no upload or download limits
  • Compatible with all devices and operating systems (including Linux)


  • Free 10GB plan for all users
  • 20GB plan for $0.99 per month
  • 200GB plan for $4.49 per month
  • 2TB plan for $9.99 per month
  • Annual and business plans are also available

11. Zoho Projects

Zoho projects

Zoho Projects is more oriented toward project-oriented teams. It ranks number 10 in our best file sharing apps roundup. The tool along with file sharing has a strong focus on project management.

Zoho provides multiple software solutions for different needs but we will focus on Zoho Projects and its file sharing solution.


  • Updates appear as posts in the feed. Options available to add comments to existing topics or make fresh status posts
  • Post queries or topics for discussions with your team
  • Add attachments for easy file sharing
  • Create public or private rooms for discussions
  • Set up a knowledge base to store all the information needed to run your project to help newcomer onboarding


  • Free plan
  • Standard plan $3 per user per month
  • Express plan for $4 per month per user
  • Premium plan $5 per month per user
  • Enterprise plan $6 per user per month


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Files dot com

The next file sharing app on our list is is a single API and app for all the files in your business.

The software is a file manager based in the cloud and provides file storage as well as a secure means to share files via links.

Furthermore, while providing storage space for files, also allows users to use the system as an interface to other software, therefore allowing for integration and easy collaboration.


  • Cloud storage, gateway and MFT
  • Accessible on a web, mobile, and desktop app
  • Share and collaborate on files with ease
  • Inbound file inboxes and file requests
  • Securely send file links via E-Mail
  • Low or no-code automation available
  • Security for your files is provided


  • Starter plan for $10 per month per user
  • Power plan for $15 per month per user
  • Premier plan for $20 per month per user
  • Custom plan available

13. eFileCabinet

eFile Cabinet

eFileCabinet is the next file sharing app on our list. The software allows for customized workflow automation and document approvals. As well as allows for file sharing and organizing with real-time dashboards.

Moreover, the software can also integrate with your other tools and applications for streamlined processes.


  • Portfolios for your most used documents
  • Folder templates
  • Full-text search
  • Automated workflows
  • Instant file retrieval
  • Browser-based interface
  • Encrypted file sharing and requests
  • Option to create role-based permissions


  • Advantage plan starting at $55 per month per user
  • Business plan for $99 per month per user
  • Unlimited plan for $199 per month per user

14. TitanFile


TitanFile is an award-winning secure file-sharing platform that performs as a “One-stop-shop” for businesses of all sizes. The platform makes secure client communication and large file transfers easy, fast, and secure. TitanFile’s state-of-the-art security features, compliance certifications, and attestations make it one of the most secure cloud-based file-sharing software on the market.  


  • Large file sharing, folder uploads, and unlimited storage 
  • Access documents across all devices 
  • Audit logs provide email delivery reports and track file activity
  • Automatic file encryption in transit and at rest
  • Collaborate and share files with clients in one centralized location
  • Document watermarking
  • DocuSign integration 
  • ISO 27001, 27017, 27017, and  SOC 2 Type II certified
  • PIPEDA, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant


  • Free 15-day trial with full access to features
  • Starter plan (2 user min.) for $18 per user per month 
  • Individual plan for solo practitioners for $24 per user per month
  • Pro plan for teams for $26 per user per month
  • Enterprise plans (50 users min.) available for custom pricing”


So, there you have it, our top picks for the best file sharing apps that you need to consider when choosing an efficient way of working. We hope this list will help you in making your decision.

So, get to it, and don’t forget to recommend your favorite tool in the comments section below – i.e. if it is not on the list.



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