11 Best Apps to Improve Your Task Planning Process


Task management is one of the most important activities that you perform on a daily basis.

But have you noticed that the process is taking you a long time just because you are keeping all your thoughts in your mind instead of writing them down? It’s called projecting “stuff” on a piece of paper or within an app where you can easily plan and execute your workflow.

Speaking of task planning and tracking, we have handpicked some of the best apps to improve the experience for you. Besides, these apps are a great way of getting tasks out of your head & into a virtual notebook where everything is managed and accessible whenever needed.

What is a Task Planning Process?

The task planning process encompasses the actual “planning” phase for any activity. Look at it this way: stakeholders come up with an idea. They need a project manager for the implementation and successful execution of that idea.

Project managers create a grand plan followed up by several tasks that are planned on paper. Do you get what I am saying? That’s what task management processes are. They are plans to do something within any given timeframe.

Let’s discuss some of the best apps that you can use, not only as a project manager but as an individual contractor to smoothen the workflow.

Best Apps for Improved Task Planning

Here are the apps that we are going to discuss in this article.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. nTask


Being the best task management/project management application in the market, nTask is an amazing software that you need in your life if you want to organize the thoughts in your mind and convert them into workable tasks.

The software is immensely packed with different features that enable users to plan and manage the tasks and processes that are associated with their projects. Here are some of the features that the application has to offer.

Key Features


  • Free basic plan
  • Premium plan at $3 per user/month
  • Business plan at $8 per user/month
  • 14-Days free trial for all paid plans
  • App Logo
  • nTask is one of the Best Free Task Planning App.

    Manage all your tasks, projects, collaboration, timesheets and more in one place. Sign up today!

2. Alternote

Alternote app

Purely a note-taking app. Alternote is an amazing application that enables you to transfer your thoughts onto a digital canvas that ultimately helps you to plan your tasks accordingly so that none of your precious ideas get overlooked.

Key Features

  • Minimal UI & smooth experience
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Colored tags
  • 6 amazing built-in fonts
  • Expand Markdown-like symbols
  • To-do lists
  • Live word count
  • Seamless Evernote integration


  • You have to contact the company for a price quote

3. Apple Notes

Another exemplary note-taking app for task planning that helps you to put your thoughts in a digital database is Apple Notes.

The application is available only on Apple devices and that’s the biggest drawback of the application but other than that, the application is very basic and has a minimalistic design that makes it quite intuitive and easy to use.

Key Features

  • Add Notes Using Siri
  • Share a Note
  • Lock Notes
  • Organize Notes in Folders
  • Notes Shortcut in Control Center
  • Make a Table
  • Share Links and Text to Notes App
  • Pin Note


  • Free to use on Apple devices

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4. WorkFlowy


WorkFlowy is an incredible app for task planning that is used by scores of people around the professional world. The application’s structure and working are difficult to understand but when you get the hang of it, it’s surprisingly useful.

Every single line that you write in the application is considered both a heading and a list item for the subtasks, and when you write a line, you can zoom in on the bullet points that appear next to the tasks and also add the sub-items connected to the tasks.

Key Features

  • Unlimited lists
  • Email confirmation
  • Premium support
  • Backup to Dropbox
  • Theme and Fonts


  • The app has a free version
  • The paid subscription of this application starts at $4.99/month

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5. Evernote

Evernote screen

Evernote is one of the best note-taking applications on the market right now. The application enables you to take notes so that you can transfer your thoughts on a digital storage space so that you plan your tasks accordingly and never lose any important idea.

Key Features

  • Store all itineraries, confirmations, and travel documents
  • Other products include Skitch and Penultimate
  • Web clipping support
  • Mobile and Web interface
  • Annotation and markup
  • Give feedback and share ideas
  • Store notes, web clips, files, and images
  • Web clipper browser extensions
  • Grab the whole web page: text, images, and links
  • Share notes and collaborate on files
  • Evernote Food for collecting food moments
  • Evernote Clearly for clearing web content


  • A free trial of the application is available so that you can check the software out before spending a dime on it
  • The paid subscription of the application starts at $7.99/month

6. OneNote

Microsoft OneNote dashboard

OneNote is an incredible note-taking application that belongs to Microsoft’s family of applications and is probably one of the best applications if you want a digital scrapbook of all of your ideas.

The application has a drag n drop functionality which helps you to add the content you need in one place and work on it as you wish. This greatly helps in task planning in a domain where everything is spread out and you have no clue what connects to what.

Key Features

  • Task Planning
  • Annotations
  • Live to share
  • Save while you surf
  • Task planner
  • Book summary
  • Remember everything
  • Social notebook


  • The Premium subscription of the application starts at $7.99/month

7. NotePlan


NotePlan is a new and exciting application that is in the beta stage right now, but it will be a definite hit when it drops in the software market. It is an incredible brain dump application that allows you to transfer all of your thought and ideas onto a digital platform. A definite winner.

Key Features

  • Intuitive
  • Easy Note-taking
  • Easy formatting
  • Task planning


  • Contact the company for a price quote

8. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk is a solution that allows you to stay on top of all of your tasks. Remember the Milk provides you with a solution where you can easily view everything that you need to get done all on one platform.

The tool is compatible with different devices and ensures that you remember your tasks by giving you reminders and gives you the tools to easily manage your tasks as well.

Key Features:

  • Reporting features
  • Analytics features
  • Mobile access
  • Ability to create tasks and subtasks
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Task scheduling


  • Remember the Milk offers a free plan
  • You can also upgrade to a Pro plan which costs $39.99 per year

9. MindNode


Another type of software that can help simplify task planning is mind mapping tools such as MindNode.

MindNode is a fantastic way to increase productivity through its mind mapping features. The tool assists you to stay more organized by providing a platform where you can focus your thoughts and see more clearly exactly what needs to be done.

The tool allows you to personalize a variety of graphic templates and visual tags to help you meet your specific requirements.

Key Features:

  • Activity dashboard
  • Commenting features
  • Collaboration tools
  • Workflow management
  • Third-party integrations
  • Activity tracking
  • Data visualization tools
  • Presentation tools
  • Status tracking


  • MindNode offers a plan which is free to use
  • You can also upgrade to a paid subscription which starts at $2.49

10. Spike


Spike is another great note-taking app to help you improve your task planning processes. It is best for collaborating, creating, editing, and sharing dynamic notes within your email inbox. Thus, from the ease of your email inbox, you can plan and connect with your team in the most agile manner. 

Moreover, it offers a wide space to help you jot down all your versatile ideas and combine them in one place. With Spike, you no longer have to spend time on unnecessary meetings. All you have to do is create notes of important planning processes, share them with your team, and edit, chat, store files and manage tasks in real-time. 

Thus, use Spike to communicate better, faster, and together. 

Key Features 

  • Conversational emails
  • Collaborative notes
  • Collaborative tasks
  • Group chat
  • Calendar
  • Super search
  • In-line RSVP
  • Video and audio meetings
  • Cloud integration
  • Real-time messaging
  • Priority inbox
  • Custom notifications
  • File preview
  • Translate


  • Free plan for everyday use with up to 2 email addresses
  • Pro plan for professionals and small businesses at $5 per user per month with up to 3 email addresses
  • Business plan for power users and large teams at $10 per user per month with unlimited email addresses. 

11. Todoist


The next best app to help you improve your planning process is Todoist. It is a great app to let you keep everything in one place for organized management. So far, Todoist has completed over 1.5 billion tasks in 150 million-plus projects. 

It has been a great source of help for millions of users to organize, plan, manage and execute their tasks effectively over the years. It helps you prioritize your tasks, get a clear view of everything and never lose track of important tasks.

Moreover, it also helps you to focus on the right things and centralize all your work in one space. With its 10+ apps and plugins, you can get real-time updates anywhere at any time.

So, align your workflows and begin to plan better with Todoist. 

Key Features

  • Quick Add Task
  • Recurring due dates
  • Sections and subtasks
  • Reminders
  • Priority levels
  • Real-time notifications
  • Kanban-style cards
  • Labels, filters, and themes
  • Add tasks via email
  • Comments and file uploads
  • Multiple integrations


  • Free plan for starters with 5 active projects
  • Pro plan for power users at $3 per month with 300 active projects
  • Business plan for teams at $5 per user per month with 500 active projects per user

Over to you!

These are some of the top-rated task planning and management applications. Use them for better work management and getting more done in an organized manner. Share your suggestions at: fwilson@ntaskmanager.com

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