16 Best Apps for College Students to Use in 2023


If you are just starting your college life or if you have been a part of that jungle for a long time, then you would know how challenging that life is, in addition to the fun stuff that you get to do so freely.

This is why, in this article, we are going to discuss some incredible applications that can make your life less of a whirlpool and more of an ordered extravaganza.

If you think you like the unordered chaos at the start of your college life, then trust us, it is going to get a lot more chaotic as time passes.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and useful applications that you can use in your college life to make it easier and reduce the overwhelming feeling that you might be experiencing.

16 Best Apps to Use if You’re a College Student

List Of the Best apps for college students:

Let’s take a look at all of them in detail and find out how they can make your college life easier and more ordered.

1. Wolfram Alpha


Starting with one of the most educational apps that you will find on the list is Wolfram Alpha. The application helps you in checking the answers for all of the homework assignments that you get in your classes.

The free version is all well and good, but the pro version goes a step further and allows you to see all of the steps that go into forming the solutions for all of the questions that you put into the interface.

Just remember that the application is there to help you understand the things that you are studying, so don’t abuse its powers and study yourself too.

2. Google Docs

Google Documents

The next item on the list is Google Docs. If you are familiar with MS Word then this application will sit perfectly with you because it has roughly the same interface and the features that MS Word provides, but it has a special arrow in its quiver.

And that arrow is its real-time upgradation of the text that you input into the interface because it is a cloud operated database, that stores your data on runtime. This cloud storage also enables you to access your data from anywhere around the world on any mobile device of your choosing.

Another important thing to note about this application is that it eliminates all of the extra features that the MS Word interface provides its users and focuses on just the important thing that the user needs, which is “Writing”.

3. Coggle

Coggle - Brainstorming tools

If you are a college student and you have a vision-centered learning system for yourself, then you need the application Coggle.

The application makes it very easy for you to understand the complex concepts that you study by helping you draw it all out.

That’s right. The application helps you to take complex concept into the digital realm and lets you create incredible mind maps and flow charts related to any topic that you are studying.

4. TomatoTimer

Tomato Timer

If you are plagued with the jinx of procrastination like most of us out there, then you need a time management application that will make sure that you get to work and not waste your valuable time on useless activities.

That time management application is TomatoTimer. The application uses the Pomodoro technique that basically sets a timer for 25 minutes and demands that you put your 100% effort into your work for that whole duration and then take a small break, and then repeat that title.

5. Trello


If you haven’t been a part of a group project yet then don’t worry, because that storm will hit you sooner than later. And if you want that everyone in your project team performs their share of the work, then you need the application Trello.

The application has a card-based interface that allows you to manage all of the different tasks according to the related project in question and also helps you make sure that you get to see everything that is happening with the project, and there is nothing hidden from anyone.

Find more apps like Trello:

Best Trello Alternatives for Kanban Project Management

6. Doodle


Most of the time in college life, and most importantly in the time of Corona, there is a big problem where you can’t get the gang to meet up to discuss something important or to just hang out with each other.

When this happens, then instead of calling or texting everyone endlessly, you should use the application Doodle. The application helps you all to vote on a single time that might be acceptable for everyone and then you can meet at that time without any hustle.

7. Hostelworld


Student life is quite expensive and with your student loans rising every single day, you can’t afford to stay in expensive hotels for the duration of your college life. That’s why you need the application Hostelworld.

The application helps you find different living spaces all around your city that can accommodate you for quite affordable prices. This helps you in spending less money and get an acceptable accommodation.

8. Chegg Study

Chegg study

Another educational application that can help you study more effectively and help you find solutions to many of the different solutions that you need for the problems in your curriculum, is Chegg Study.

This application helps you to complete your studies even if you didn’t understand your professor in class and want a more detailed explanation of the problem at hand.

9. Anki


You might have heard about Flashcards. They are an incredible mechanism to absorb large amounts of information quickly and make sure that you don’t forget it that easily.

But the problem with traditional paper flashcards is that they can be lost easily and you can lose the information that you so hold dearly.

This is why you need Anki which solves all of these problems related to traditional flashcards with a digital alternative so that you can protect your information easily and also have a large database to accommodate more content than traditional paper flashcards.

10. Grammarly


If you are a student or a professional, Grammarly is an incredible application to make sure that whatever you write in your emails, reports, professional documents, or your college assignments, is grammatically correct and accurate to what you were trying to write.

The great thing about this software is that when it finds something which is incorrect, it highlights the word and provides you with different suggestions for you to fix it accordingly.

11. Zotero


Another educational application that is going to greatly help you as you dive deeper into your college life is Zotero. The application helps you write your thesis or research papers in peace as it keeps track of all of the references and citations that you use in your documents.

The application also accommodates you even if you have different sources for your documents, Zotero will keep track of them and never let you be blindsided.

12. iTalki


If you are thinking about learning and speaking a new language for whatever reason in your college life, then you need a language learning application like iTalki. The application helps you to speak different languages in its interface and lets you know if you are speaking them correctly or not.

I know that you might have an incredible language teacher at your campus but trust me, this application will help you loads.

13. Slack


If you want to improve your communication and collaboration with your college mates or even at your office where you intern for the summer during college, you need to use Slack.

The application is an incredible communication and collaboration tool that helps you be in contact with your project members or with your classmates in a single interface.

And the best part is that the application is very independent, and it doesn’t require you to give out your phone number to the tool.

14. Google Slides

Google slides

You might have used MS PowerPoint to present your presentations at high school or in your early college days, but you need to use Google Slides as soon as possible.

The application lets all of the members of the group project provide their input in such a way that everyone can see it clearly as day, and no one is blindsided by anything.

15. Airbnb


Hostels are all good and exciting because you get to meet new people and experience different surroundings, but if you are in a group and you all want to live together, then you need to get a big space that suits your needs and requirements.

This is where Airbnb comes in. The application helps you to find some amazing living spaces according to the amount you are willing to spend and according to the people that want to live with you.

16. Markup Hero

markup hero 2

Are you looking for a tool that can boost collaboration and productivity for your team? Markup Hero can help. This screenshot annotation solution can turn ordinary tasks into engaging conversations. It’s perfect for project management, customer service, and more. Use it to add visual feedback to Slack messages or create impressive proposals. With Markup Hero, you can improve your communication skills and take advantage of its many benefits.

Markup Hero is a platform that allows you to easily create editable markups of screenshots and other visuals. It also integrates with Google Docs. You’ll have access to various tools like text boxes, arrows, pens, and colors, as well as cropping and resizing capabilities for unlimited image editing possibilities. Additionally, you can share links and enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth. Get ready to enhance your visual game with Markup Hero!


Here were our top picks for the best apps that you can use to make your college life easier and more fun. Let us know if you have some other applications in mind or if you want to change something in this article.



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