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The sole focus of a CSR’s job is engaging clients and making as many sales as possible. They have to get in touch with as many prospects as possible, be it over the phone, email, or social media to market their company’s goods and services and attract as many clients as they can. This feat is almost impossible to achieve until or unless they have an online address book software supporting them.

Let’s be real, keeping a record of all contacts in a diary is too primitive in the modern world. The world has already upgraded to newer means of contact management and if you are a CSR or part of an Agile team then you should too.

What you need is an efficient online address book software, one that can not only keep a record of all the contacts but also organize them properly so that you can retrieve the data quickly. Also, having an efficient tool means access to clients’ data which allows you to make better decisions and offer more attractive sales pitches.

According to SalesforLife, sales representatives perform 94.4 activities on daily basis. Since a sales representative’s job revolves around customers, all the activities involve engagement with the prospects via emails (38.4%), phone calls (38.0%), voicemail messages (16.2%), and social media touches (7.4%).

Since interaction with the prospects is the best way of making sales, CSRs have to interact with as many individuals as possible. To make an attractive sales pitch and make intelligent guesses, Agile teams have to have access to clients’ data.

Thankfully, you do not have to roam around or stalk the prospects to learn about them or collect their data, all you have to do is get an online address book software and relax. And we are kind enough to have made a list for you already.

The following section will give provide you with an overview of the best tools in town. We have also discussed the key features and pricing details of the tools so that you can make a quick and smart decision for better results.

List Of The 9 Best Online Address Book Tools:

1. Free Address Book

Free address book

Starting off with the best option in the market Free Address Book.

Free Address Book, like its name, is a free tool that allows you to add, edit, manage, and print your contacts. The tool has a simple and user-friendly interface which makes it super easy to use. You can keep a record of as many contacts as you want with added details such as phone number, email, address, etc.

Search and retrieval of contacts, as and when needed, is also a piece of cake with Free Address Book’s unique and versatile features. You can add contacts manually or import CSV with all the details. The software is not only suitable for Agile teams and CSRs but also for individuals working alone.

Key Features:

  • free for personal and commercial use
  • Easy search and retrieval of contact information
  • Printable address list and details
  • Customization features for printing
  • Easy personal information management (PIM)
  • Custom fields
  • CSV export – import
  • Free support
  • Categorize contacts into groups
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Photo attachment with contact
  • Reminders


  • Free Address Book is available for free.

2. My Personal Address Book

my personal address book

My Personal Address Book is another one of our favorite address book tools. The tool by Microsoft is one of the most trusted and has established itself as one of the best with its excellent features.

Along with the address-keeping option, the tool offers multiple printing options. You can print address books, invitation cards, etc. Moreover, the app can also provide you with a map and driving instructions to the address in your book.

One of the most unique features of the tool is that you can integrate it with other tools which makes it so much easier to manage everything.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited number of address books
  • Five standard sizes for address books
  • Print envelopes and labels addressed to the people in your address book
  • Direct emails
  • Generate driving instructions
  • Use Skype to call the telephone
  • Data encryption
  • Integration with OneDrive
  • Reminder list
  • User-friendly interface
  • Generate email requests or a driving directions request from the primary window


  • My Personal Address Book offers standard and premium versions of the tool. The standard version is available for free while the premium version requires an annual subscription.

3. C-Organizer

C Organizer

C-organizer has made it at 3rd place in our list. The tool is an efficient one, offering a suite of features that make address management much easier and simpler. The tool, made by C Soft Lab, is one of the most powerful content management solutions in the market.

 Besides helping you organize and manage addresses, it allows you to manage and organize events, appointments, lists, notes, and contacts. One of the most promising features of the tool is that it organizes all the info into different compartments such as General, Today, Calendar, Tasks, Password, Notes, Events, etc. which makes the search and retrieval process simpler.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface with customization options
  • Offers password protection
  • Multi-user database access 
  • It can send notifications on the screen, by email, start programs or open documents at any set time.
  • Powerful print-out function
  • Built-in print templates editor
  • Supports TXT, CSV, XML, CDB, HTML and RTF formats for import and export of data
  • Powerful search engine
  • Portable program


  • Offers free trial of 30 days
  • C-Organizer Professional – $39.95.
  • C-Organizer Lite – $29.95.
  • Advanced Diary – $29.95.

4. Zoho Contact Manager

Zoho Address book

Zoho has made a name for itself in the business world with its efficient solutions helping businesses in different areas. Zoho Contact manager is another solution by Zoho that is specially designed for contact management.

It is a cloud-based software that keeps track of your professional and personal contacts. Since Zoho is an all-in-one solution, it can also help you manage different aspects of the business with its intuitive solutions such as project management, tracking, etc.

Key Features:

  • Add contact directly or via email using the contact card
  • Offers multiple contact actions to streamline the work for you
  • Sort contacts by first name or last name
  • Import and export contacts
  • Clean duplicates of contacts
  • Start afresh with the ‘reset contacts’ option
  • Offers integration with other apps and tools


  • The tool is available for free and can be downloaded on desktops or installed on phones.

5. Pobuca Connect

Pobuca connect

Pobuca Connect is our 6th pick for this list. The address book software aims to improve productivity and enhance communication across channels with its advanced contact management options.

The tool is especially helpful in smoothening communication and collaboration since it allows you to share related info with team members from different devices. The plus point of the tool is that it offers an AI Pobuca Robot with automation features which ultimately reduces the burden on your shoulders and makes work easier for you.

Key Features:

  • Admin panel helps with user permissions, accessibility, and other functions
  • Standard fields can be used to refine searches
  • Import contact from mobile or email without duplication
  • Add comments to contacts and share information with your team
  • Set Reminders and get notified on time
  • Set different working teams according to departments, etc.
  • Integration with Zapier


  • Free – $0 Free Forever
  • Pro – $2.5 per user per month
  • Enterprise – $10 per user per month

6. Efficcess

Efficcess is a free personal information manager. The software offers cross-platform support, making it much easier to keep track of the info whenever the need be.

Its automation features add to its charms along with its intuitive interface and options to schedule events and manage contacts and addresses.

Key Features:

  • Sync different devices in simple and easy steps
  • Manage different kinds of information through your PC or mobile phone
  • Search and retrieve information with one click
  • Import, export, or print info
  • Password protection
  • Document editor


  • The tool offers a 30-day free trial to its users.

7. Efficient Address Book

Efficient address book is one of the top-ranked address management software in the online market. As the name suggests, Efficient Address book is the perfect solution for businesses especially when it comes to keeping addresses organized, safe and secure.

The tool is available on desktop and mobile phones and synchronizes data across all the platforms.

Key Features:

  • Contact groupings and efficient contact management
  • Set reminders for different events and special dates
  • 4-step easy synchronization
  • Quick and easy search capabilities
  • Document editor
  • Backup and restore options are available


  • Efficient Address Book’s latest version is available for $23.96.

8. E-Z Contact Book

The E-Z contact book is another contact management solution geared to help you with organizing and managing data. not only does the tool help in the organization of data such as phone numbers, emails, web pages, faxes, addresses, personal notes, etc., but also helps send emails, print envelopes, and much more.

Moreover, the timely notifications and reminders keep you updated on the latest events and deadlines so that you are always on time. “Wildcard” search is one of the most unique functions of the tool that allows you to search for the contact of your choice almost immediately.

Key Features:

  • Organize information in groups
  • Sort data in different orders
  • Fast ‘wildcard’ search
  • Start Skype phone calls with one click
  • 3 different print formats
  • Import and export data in CSV format
  • Print mail envelopes and address labels


  • The tool is available for free for individual users
  • Full License for 3 Computers is available at $14.99.
  • Full License for 5 Computers is available at $22.99.
  • Full License for more than 5 Computers- Contact team E-Z Contact Book for pricing details.

9. Handy Address Book

Last on our list is Handy Address Book. The tool was created by Beiley’s software company and is one of the most renowned ones. Whether you are an individual user or a company, the tool provides efficient functions that are effective for both.

Although the address book software is fairly simple, it is very easy to use and has quick and high adaptability.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Fast, intuitive interface
  • Maps and driving directions
  • Dial contact’s phone or email contacts directly
  • Print envelopes or labels with customization options available
  • Booklet and phone list printing
  • Print preview
  • Sync with iPhone, Android, etc.
  • Import data from Outlook, Palm, etc.
  • Share address books over a network
  • Encryption and password protection
  • Portable tool
  • Sync with Google contacts


  • Handy Address Book is available for free and can be downloaded easily.


This was out list of the best online address book software in the market, but we are sure, the list of far from complete. There are better software emerging every next second and one of them might be able to replace the ones mentioned in this list.

Have you ever used any of the above-mentioned tools? If yes, how was the experience? Let us know by writing to us here.



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